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Thanks to all who have sent in BT customer service complaints to this website so far. As promised, these complaints will be complied into a report and sent for investigation. Here is the latest complaint I have received regarding poor BT customer service …

Hello everyone,

Well I have to say that I am also leaving the BT service due to poor customer service…the long saga goes on..

12 months ago, I could not put my BT broadband and my phone plugged in together because as soon as both were plugged in together, the phone line went dead. I duly contacted the BT to tell them of this, bearing in mind that both the broadband and the telephone worked perfectly when plugged in separately and I followed all the advise etc but it still did not work.

I even bought myself a new adsl filter and tested different phones all in vain so I gave up because I just couldn’t cope with BT customer service call centre. However I tried again and swapped my phone provider because of this but still kept the BT broadband. I spoke with my phone provider who said my phoneline is working and I needed to speak with BT engineers, re the exchange or filter…

I did so and they said that my phoneline is not provided by BT and you guessed it…they put the phone down on me having been passed around to various ‘customer service representatives’ and put on hold etc

So somehow I got an email through one the sites and emailed what turned out to be the BT CEO office detailing all of the above. I was then emailed by the assistant to the BT CEO who said that he will get on to it. However after much waiting and emails, I was told that the BT had to be notified of a fault by my phone provide.

So I did contact my phone provider who said that my line is working and that I will be charged because there is no fault on the line, and they said that BT need to sort this out via the exchange or the filter system or at the very least send out the engineer,which you would think they would offer to do?

So i’m still here, my last email to the assistant to the CEO was yesterday informing him of the above and notifying him of my departure from BT, I am completely exhausted by the pure arrogance of this company…… seems that that are determined to destroy what was many years ago a top notch company, and yes I’m willing to pay a little extra for good competent workers , who will not conspire to put me out of business!

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  • BT NEVER ADMIT THERE OWN MISTAKES I made a huge mistake of joining BT on the 18th may this year. I have endured endless problems with all my services, the first of which when my broadband package arrived there was no hub, i foned them and they despatched me 1 the sameday and gave me one months free broadband.great i thought how wrong could i be, we set up our BT vision the next day and it didnt work so i phoned them and was told there was a technical problem, little did i know that this problem was going to last nearly 4 months.Many phone calls later and after being passed from pillar to post put on hold told someone would phone me back but they never did, finally just before sentanna stopped providing a service they got it to work incidentally i got sentanna free for 12months with my BT bronze package which was the main reason i had BT vision.Then to cut an extremely long story short i had a phone bill on monday the 10th august for 187 pounds, after getting over the shock i phoned BT billing who admitted there were errors on the bill of being charged for my phone being reconnected twice and late payment charges so they discounted these and said the bill was now 142 pounds. I said but i have been charged from the 18thof may for a service that i have never recieved so low and behold they pass me over to bt vision.when i explained the situation the gentleman yet again apologised and said he would check the service,this he did and said there was a problem so he put me on hold while he spoke to a supervisor but the line went dead.i then phoned back BT VISION on weds who yet again apologised and told me that after running a check i couldnt recieve the service due to speed.They yet again apologised and said they would reinburse me.I then asked them if i could keep espn as they had taken over from sentanna and they had the nerve to tell me that this came as part of the package and if i wanted it i would have to pay 14.68p a month.I said i didnt understand why i should have to pay for something which was offered free andthey said they had agreed this with espn. i was very angry at this as i said i had had this so my sons could watch the football so i was told i could pay the 14.68 a month but opt out at anytime and not be held to a contract but would be passed over to a supervisor the supervisor then told me this wasnt the case and i would have to continue with my contract to recieve espn.,feeling very annoyed i then phoned consumer direct (wednesday evening) and low and behold today (thursday)BT have the nerve to phone me and ask if i am satisfied with there service itold the gentleman the situation and he said i would have to talk to BT vision i said i had to many times so he put me on hold while he spoke to them he finally came back and said if that was what they told me there was nothing he could do.I CANNOT BELIEVE that they expect me to pay for something which was offered for free through no fault or my own but entirely theres. then they told me i should have cancelled the contract within the 60day period but how could i be expected to cancel something i didnt have. they said they could offer no other solution if it was possible to get my vision turned off and the box returned to which i said i didnt understand why they couldnt just let me keep the box and espn till the end of the 12mths but i was told i could keep the box and just have the freeview channels but i said i dont recieve many of them ipick up more on an ordinary freeview box.i am willing to pay for the phone and broadband part of my service but not the vision but if there was away to leave them without it being to costly then i would i dont understand why my sons have to loose the channel i promised them because it took BT 4 LONG MONTHS TO FIND OUT THE SERVICE COULDNT BE PROVIDED when i first make that stupied phonecall to join them at the beginning of may 2009i was told it could be assured i willnot be renewing my contracts and if i could cancel them before i truly would Mrs Sue Bartlett

  • Even if you break the contract they cannot force you to pay if they have cut you off before the contract expired. The worst that can happen is that it will adversely affect your credit rating or/and a possible CCJ which many people ignore and still do not pay.

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