BT Phoneline Problems

BT complaint regarding a customers phoneline problems.

Dear Sir,

I’ve had an absolute nightmare with BT, here’s my story in short. I moved in to my rented property in April 2009. After a 2 week wait, BT connected my line, it didn’t work. I tested the line etc and phoned BT several times who said they would send an engineer but if the fault was mine I would have to pay. I told them to just cancel it, then they said they would charge me £99.00 disconnection fee. It was decided they would send an engineer.

The engineer was at my property for 10 minutes at the most, the line worked that day, but the next day I still had the same problem, couldn’t dial out or receive calls, sometimes I was lucky and had a line tone for 2 minute, then would get cut off.

After a few weeks I was sick of paying for a line which didn’t worked, again phoned BT several times at my expense on a mobile as land line not working, again they sent someone out, it worked that day, but not the day after!

I gave up & used my mobile. Have received a bill. £125 x2 for two call outs and £190 for engineers time? Total inc. vat £430! I phoned BT, wrote to them twice, had an Indian call centre worker phone me & he couldn’t understand me, said someone would phone back? they didn’t. Today I’ve had an automated message on my phone saying they are disconnecting my phone & charging me disconnection fees?

I’ve sent another recorded delivery letter as was sick of being on hold to them using my mobile! Any ideas?


L mcmillan

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  • After 3 weeks of a crackle and hissing on the line we called BT to report a fault.By this time the line was so bad the person i was talking to could hardly hear me at the other end.I was asked to check my equipment and make sure i followed their advice which i duley did,(had already checked it wasnt the phone befor i made the call). An appoitment was made and the engineer turned up,he too checked the equipment and found the fault was still on the line when the phones were unplugged.He ran several tests and decided the fault must be in a Connection box at the top of the telegraph pole,as he couldnt go up there on his own he had to arrange for another guy to call and help.He reported that although the pole was old and the box was in a "bit of a state" he couldnt actually see the fault.He duley went on his way without fixing the problem and i was left with the fault.three more weeks of having to call people back on my mobile because no one could hear me properly and I asked BT what they were doing about it?..They decided to send another engineer and he went thru the exact same procedure as the first.he could find no fault inside or outside the property.He then almost as a last resort decided to check the exchange in town,about a mile from our house.He said "i will let you know what i find"and off he went.Didnt hear from him again but after an hour or so the line was clear and we asumed he had fixed the problem.A few weeks later we had our phone bill and was horified to see we had been charged two £99 call out fees.I rang BT to complain and ask why and was told the engineer said the fault must have been with our equipment.We checked it ourselves and so did both engineers..surely thats the first thing anyone would do?.he sure didnt say it was our equipment at the time.when he disconnected it all the fault was still on the line.And we are still using the very same equipment!..BT refuse to remove these charges and seem to be able to put on charges for anything they like and no one can do anything about it. they treat customers as nothing more than an inconveniance.I have had no end of promises from them to call me back over this and they never do. BT is a joke but i for one am not laughing.

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