BT Phoneline on 18 Month Contract Free Supposedly

Here is a BT complaint sent in regarding the promise of free BT telephone line connection if sign an 18 month contract. This was not fulfilled by BT customer services as detailed here…

Dear Sir

I recently moved into my new home and wanted to connect my telephone line with BT. I obtained information from the money saving expert that if i asked for a free line installation that I could have in put in for free rather than paying £122.50.

I contacted BT who tried to charge me £122.50 and when I told them of the offer I had seen they they agreed for the installation to be free as long as I agree to stay with BT for 18 months which I agreed. She advised that on my bill the price for the installation would be listed and a credit for the return for the same amount.

On receiving my first Bill I can see that you have debited my account for the sum of £145.30 and when I queried it with BT customer services, you advised that it was for the installation and that no return was going to be given. I am getting a copy of the times that I contacted your office so that you can check the conversations and a the person I spoke to is noted.

Please can you look into the above as it has put me into my overdraft which is now costing me money which I feel is not my fault.



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