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This BT complaint was sent in today regarding BT phone problems.


Phone dead for a week now with no phone calls, no BT Vision and no Internet. I was supposed to be working from home on the weekend and unable to do so – very upset and frustrated. Seeking some sort of compensation for this inconvenience – paying for a service that need and rely on.

Thursday 12th July

  • Phoned BT went through all the several options – got cut off.
  • Re-phoned – Spoke to BT representative assured that would sort the problem –
  • Phoned back – put on hold and told would sort.  5 minutes then told would phone back again. 
  • Phoned  (sat waiting on phone for 18 minutes on the second time)
  • Finished with him saying would phone me back in two hours *4th time – didn’t phone
  • Problem seemed to be that could not close the fault procedure

Friday 13th July

  • Phoned BT again
  • Spoke to BT representative – Stated that could not offer any compensation since been off 3 days – not the case!
  • Put through to billing account – cut off after 10 minutes of waiting
  • Spoke to BT representative from Billing – unable to see what compensation would be to begin with – then stated that £10 would be added to my statement next account – lie!
  • Foreign accent so strong – struggled to understand her and she stated at the conversation she was struggling to understand me – that point asked to be transferred to a supervisor.
  • Spoke to BT representative – Supervisor
  • Went through and explained that despite all inconvenience nothing could do further than give £2.69 
  • Felt aggrieved that in circumstances after being treated so badly that this was insult and outrage that a company paying to give me a service – that have 3 services from could treat someone so badly.

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  • Bt have done the same to me!
    I requested moving my number, broadband & bt vision for activation on the 19th July. Bt cut me off. Now saying it'll be 15th Aug (down from 30th Aug by escalation by resolution team) for reconnection…at £130 charge.
    Treat their existing customers really badly & no one phones you back & you can't get anyone to take responsibility for the problem they have caused.

  • My pone went dead 3 days ago,been lied to and had the public pay phone slammed down on me for telling them I have terminal leukemia and need my line,well in the words of BT as far as my bill payment is concerned my exchange has a problem estimated fix date some time in the future when like your staff I can be bothered,if not happy do what a lot of BT customrs are doing -bang your head against a brick wall

  • My 93 year old mother is in a care home with 22 other very elderly residents. Yesterday an engineer did some work with the result that all incoming calls bypass the care home’s switchboard and go directly to my mother’s room. The care home has no switchboard and no outgoing phone line. After a great deal of frustration trying to get someone to understand the seriousness of the situation, BT told me an engineer will attend within 24 hours. Crazy.

  • Without land line for 4 months although BT TV and broadband still working. We are going round in circles after reporting the problem many times. The answer is obvious, even to me, in that the junction box , which is the final part of the original BT installation, is the problem. When the front panel is removed and the phone is plugged into the internal socket , we have a land line signal. When it is plugged in to the socket which is a part of the front panel to the same terminal, we do not have a land line signal. Obviously, the wiring within the junction box is faulty. We have been told that we will be charged if the problem is within our house, but to repeat, although the fault is inside our front door, it is within a part of the very original BT installation being the socket which ends the original BT installation. Hlep please, we are seriously thinking of going to other service providors although we would much prefer staying with BT for land line, broadband and TV.

  • My phone service never been connected properly and I called BT and they said a engineer would come to check it about 3 weeks ago and never turned up. Really disappointed with the service provided.

  • Seem to be going round in circles here, wonder if you can help? Used a payphone in York Place Brighton as my mobile was flat. It said- no money no problem you can use credit/debit card. It gave an option to hear charges but when I rang it was so muffled couldn’t understand. So pressed ahead in case it was better when calling the mobile I had to call. No luck- it directed me to a BT ansaphone- of which my friends mobile is not part of- then when I checked my statement- was astonished to have been charged over £9 for 2 appx 10 sec calls as I hung up immed I realised not the number I wanted. I have struggled with the Open Reach website as there does not seem to be a complaint about telephone boxes. I look forward to your response. My next step will be to contact Which re little or v poor charging info as feel have been completely ripped off!! Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards

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