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I have had intermittent service on broadband and phone for the last year. Usually when it rains or is windy the wifi goes down.  Occasionally, like today, the phone line doesn’t work at all.  If I contact BT I usually get through to someone who speaks little or no English and it results in an engineer visit with a threat that it will cost me £129.99 and I have to wait up to a week for them to come.  My hands are tied as there is no Virgin cabling in the area so I need a working  line

Last time I called on a Friday and they said an engineer would come on Tuesday – they then sent a confirmation via text for the Tuesday and another one for the Thursday, I took time off work and the engineer came on Wednesday when I wasn’t here.

We know the problem has to be outside, as it is affected by the weather but they still insist on coming to the property.

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  • Been complaining regularly regarding intermittent crackling and low volume making it difficult to understand conversations, generally my call has been answered by a gentleman whith a foreign accent so I have background noise low volume and accent to contend with, he generally asks me (I think)to go to phone socket, remove , replace,remove crystal (I think) replace crystal (or similar) pull out extension ? When I explain that I am over 70 and now jammed behind the cupboard that I have just dragged out he says we will monitor it. we then here nothing until I call again, Called again today, lady said hold on we’ll check your line ,, after 8.5 minutes line wheat dead so once again l gave up

    • having exactly the same problem for 6 weeks now! Get stuck in a loop of complaints department in India telling us to check the master test socket for the 15th time.

      We’ve had 4 engineers visit resulting in 6 hours downtime telling us there is no internal fault in our (new build) house but still they can’t solve the intermittent but persistent crackling.

      Every time the complaints team call us they say they need to send another engineer and we have now told them they need to solve the problem externally without us needing to take time off work to let them in.

      Then the complaints team promise a call back and if you miss their call they leave a message saying they’ll call back in a few days time. Why?! Call back within a few minutes, hours, or even next day!!

      Such a shambles.

  • After 30 years with an account with BT my father died in August, whereupon BT cut off my mothers phone with no notice. So whilst grieving she had no means of communication via phone or email. This was all through the 8 weeks prior to Christmas. Eventually she could dial out but her number was changed without permission to a completely different one with different area code. The promised engineer never turned up and to add insult to injury my mother was fined £50 to be connected. Meanwhile she has had to use her pay as you go mobile which is hugely expensive and had no calls received through Christmas which made her extremely stressed and increased the feeling of loss. No apology, no engineer, no compensation….. Just a fine after being with BT for 30 years never missing a bill. What will you do BT???????
    Laura nash

  • Have upgraded to infinity and BT accidentally cancelled my phone line, on 23 April. Since then I have been going round in circles being told yes I have sorted out your problem and will be connected within 24 hours,6 times !! The latest wind up was talking to a lady in “fibre dept” Holly mcdougal ,who said she had worked on my case for some time,and sent email to say I would be contacted next day. No contact of course,and when I phoned on Monday and spoke to Holly she did not remember me and funny enough I got cut off.when I phoned back she was not available.So now working with Sabiha fingers crossed as she has reordered my order that has been reordered. BT do you know there are other companies out there.

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