BT phone broadband and sports tv

Submitted by Carl in November 2016

My parents who are in there late 70′ s have been with btfor 40 years with there house phone, I talked them in to getting broadband and but sports, package, when the packages arrived two weeks later ,they would not work for some reason but had discounted there phone ,so the decided to cancel ,after three weeks of bt refusing to cancel on the grounds it was over the two weeks to cancel , eventually, they agreed to cancel by Whitchurch time it had made my mother I’ll , taking into account that she is 80 years of age, there phone stayed on for two weeks ,no by have , cut my parents phone off, when I ring but to resolve the problem they hang up I have got to say words fail me bt are the worst people I have ever had to deal with , shame on them nowmy parents have no landline.

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