BT package cashback problem

A BT customer was trying to get £130 cashback on their £20 per month TV Entertainment, Broadband and Calls package with free BT Vision+ box but at the end of the order it charged £90 for the BT Vision box which should be free. Has anyone else experienced this?

Dear BT Complaints,

I’ve just tried to place an order worth £490 on your website but the ordering process is faulty and I was unable to place my order. I was trying to order the £20 per month TV Entertainment, Broadband and Calls package with free BT Vision+ box.

When you get to about the third stage of the order it says it has added a BT Vision box to your order at a cost of £90 but this should free. It says on the first page that the box is free, so why isn’t this confirmed when you come to place the order and it tries to charge you £90?

I was also placing my order via the topcashback referral site and should have received £130 cashback for my order, so I don’t wish to place my order via phone or any other method, as I would lose that incentive.

I then tried to find the customer service phone number during the order process, but there was none and in the end I had to Google this, which gave me the BT number 0800 900 800 and this is an official BT line but when it comes to putting you through to a customer service adviser it cuts you off, saying “the number you have dialled is not recognised”….but it’s just put you through 3 options to get to this point….Very frustrating.

At the moment I am tempted to cancel my effort to rejoin BT after 5 years (I left last time because of poor customer service).

Please inform me that this won’t be necessary and you are capable of delivering the service you promise on your website and advertise in the newspapers.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Wilson

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  1. i ordered the vision, broadband and calls package
    i paid a years line rental before xmas 2010
    i wanted this for the sports channels
    the channels didnt work and i called to complain
    they blamed the weather
    weather cleared up still no picture
    i called again
    and was told in my area there is poor signal for streaming live sports
    i cancelled my package as this was my reason for buying it
    i told them they should know the strength in areas before selling it and they agreed offering to cancel the agreement at no charge
    i joined orange
    i called for my mac code
    first girl said i would have to pay for cancelling i told her i was earlier told i wouldnt she said he was wrong.
    i hung up and called back and the 2nd girl gave me my mac code and said i wouldnt be charged and that they would send a box out to return the hub and vision box.
    i got a bill saying i owe 469 for cancelling
    i called bt they said its a generic bill and if ive been told there is no fee i wont have to pay.
    i still await the final outcome and a box to send my stuff back…

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