BT Openworld Broadband Complaint

We have received many BT Openworld complaints and here is the lastest broadband complaint.

Dear Sir

I have the old BT Openworld 2mb broadband and wanted something quicker. I decided to switch everthing to SKY.

I called BT for the MAC code and they gave me a pressured sales call but ended up matching the SKY offer of £15 per month. So I agreed to it to save hassle. BIG MISTAKE!

They sent me the equipment on the day the line was due to go live. At 1am, by existing BT broadband line was disconnected. Aghh!! I tried to use the new one; no joy. I spent the whole day on the phone to them and they assured me the line would be active by midnight.

It still did not work this morning. I called India – they said their is no broadband active no the line. Every other department was unable to help me.

So I called the number that you use to request a MAC code. The woman said that I have only just ordered it – why cancel?

I said because you lot are useless and unless I can get the line active “NOW” I am off. So she did some digging and came back to say that the new line was activated yesterday and then immediately cancelled again “for some reason”.

I remained calm. Said “OK, please activate it then”. She said “OK, it will take 7 days”.

I work from home a lot. Luckily my IT guys have now leant me a 3G thingy while we get an alternative supplier organised.

My company spends over £30,000 a year on calls with BT. Not any more….

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  • My complaint is that the BT Openworld Engineer decided to log onto my PC whilst in the house, without either permission or reason, supposedly to check the Broadband speed! My father was in the house and was totally unaware what he was doing! What was he doing??

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