Why has it taken BT & Openreach 7 weeks to provide broadband?

BT & Openreach Complaint

I have eventually managed to get online it has been so stressful and I can’t believe that from my initial order 5th December 2018 to me getting online with BT 22nd January 2019 took your company 49 days ….. 7 very long days !!! I r countered numerous errors and confusion on the part of BT staff members ending up with me having five an marching account numbers. I have spent a total of 19 hours and 28 minutes on the phone to BT to try and get the mess of my order sorted!….THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS STATISTIC!

I am really disappointed with my case manager Emily for my complaint management. She never got back to me to ensure that I was online, and to find out if my problems had been resolved!

Now I am being sent emails to register my account so I can see my bill but I have never received a bill !!! and i’ve never been given an account number.

Are you able to help me with this ?

I fully intend to take my complaint further as I do not want anybody to go through what I have just been through and incur the unnecessary costs that I have as a direct result of BT‘s incompetence; but I will be again careful to mention how helpful ‘Colin’ was to me and also a lady called ‘Stacey’ who I spoke to on Tuesday this week who helped me activate my modem. I was so distressed by this point I can tell you that I was sobbing throughout the whole conversation I had with her…. it just really is not good enough.

Nobody has called me about the broadband package how much it will cost or what compensation I am likely to receive; these are all conversations that I was promised that I would be receiving by your management team.

I feel that I have been left high and dry again having to chase BT to complete my order. I think you will agree with me how unsatisfactory this is .

If you can let me know what my account number is then I will be able to activate my online billing system.

I hope you don’t mind me emailing you but I’m desperate.

I have been a BT customer for 25 years and I am appalled.

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