BT on Twitter – A new way to complain!

BT now have a Twitter account so you can try their with your complaints as well as this website and our BT complaints Twitter account. The probability of having your complaint successfully dealt with is astronomically higher through Twitter than by calling BT Customer Services!

BT announced at their recent annual shareholder meeting that they would be moving a significant number of customer service roles back to the UK from India. Hurray…about time! The amount of complaints received on this website regarding BT customer service just shows they needed to do something and quickly!

According to BT employees who have spoken to Bitterwallet, the company dipped a toe in the waters of Twitter with a single employee answering customer queries and ensuring they were dealt with. That was so successful that BT have now put together a team of ten staff at their Enniskillen customer service centre for dealing with residential customer complaints.

The BT Twitter page is

Of course there is also our own BT Complaints Twitter account

Not only do they answer queries directly on Twitter, but the team are continuously sifting through all the Twitter messages looking for individuals complaining about BT and offering to help them resolve the issue.

The probability of having your complaint successfully dealt with is astronomically higher through Twitter than by calling BT Customer Services!

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  • Hello BT,

    I understand that you always try to put pressure on your customers while you're not even able to satisfy them.
    Do you organize an assault? I want the detail of the bill you asking me to pay why you do not want to send it to me? What a shame!
    Do you think that I have nothing else to do than calling and writing you every time? I'm sorry but I do not want to waste anymore time for your mistakes.
    I may pay you when I will get the detailed bill.
    I do not think you are poorly organized or that you are incompetent but determined to take my money no matter how; actually and believe me I would not be one of your several victims.
    In June I have decided to phone BT (after many previous attempts) and your agent told me that I must pay until the end of my contract and will receive the final bill 14 days after the closing date. But BT sent me a reminder of around £70 pounds; does it sound normal???
    So chocked, I called BT AGAIN, one of your agent answer that this was an error because line rental for several months was include and BT will rectified the bill which will be reduced by about £30 pounds. Two weeks after I received ANOTHER reminder of £82 pounds without the details; does it sound normal???
    So I called AGAIN BT and spoke to Chilpa (BT agent) she told me that I will have the details of my bill soon (exactly 2 weeks). But I got again a reminder. Does it sound normal???

    Enough! It is enough! What kind of rubbish service you have!!!! I work hard to earn money and I will not allow you to steal any penny out of my pocket!!!
    I disagree with this imaginary amount £ 82.61
    Do not expect me to call you ANYMORE … because I disagree to be taking as a fool. I am ready to go to court at the end because as you often do I have recorded all the calls with your agents and have enough evidence! You can go ahead!! My solicitor agrees with me…
    I am tired of these stupid reminders without CLEAR details and all the threats you are stupidly sending; so if you want to deal with it, make the effort to do your job properly. I am neither having bad time nor being short of money but I will not let you steal from me and all that was expressed to your agents Miss Chilpa, Shradha, and Anju and so on…

    MR Ousman Dandi.

  • I cannot begin to list the faults and lies BT business has told me, this all started when I moved premises and was told my phones and broadband would be back on line and working the same day, but then after no broadband at all for two days I was finally told it would take ten working days, I called constantly every day with BT staff giving different answers sorry lies to why nothing was working or why no one was helping our seriously effected online business. Today after talking to Miss Patronising at BT I finally spoke to her superior who then told me that a BT engineer only fitted a phone line in the wrong place because I never explained to him that it could effect my broadband, of course BT engineers always need to ask customers how to do the job correctly. Still trying to sort the problem If it isnt sorted soon I will cancel and go mobile broadband, I have told BT this but as usual they dont care about the customers who pay them every month for broadband every quarter for phone lines and advertising. If BT had a dedicated office who could send out a IT engineer and deal with a customer from start to finish one to one then thats what BT PAYING customers need.

  • My phone bill is £15.24 plus vat per month. I think it's awful how BT can charge me £16.50 per month in payment charges just for not paying by DD and only being able to get payment to them within 30 days, rather than the 7 as they state. So every month more than half of the amount of my bill is just for charges. I have phoned BT to complain against what I feel are unfair charges, but their response is basically 'tough – that's what we charge, if you don't like it go elsewhere'

  • After I signed for BT Broadband, I start getting 287KB speed. I rang customer service and reported the problem.later a customer service representative rang me shouting and raising their voice. I am really disappointed and rather upset. What a company is this. I am still facing same problems and no one cares

  • They are crap aren't they? It took a few months, and numerous farcical cockups by BT and Openreach – duplicate orders, unilateral cancellations thereof, changing my phone number, disconnections, pointless 'engineer' visit to 'confirm' the line they had installed weeks before really existed, since they 'had no record' of it – last year to get a bog-standard phone line installed at a house I bought. Then some anonymous twerp cancelled the monthly paper bills I had specifically specified because the house is empty pending renovation and I wanted to keep track of outgoings: result, every month since, I pay them a fair whack in line rental, which is inevitably amply supplemented by the 'late payment' charges they are able to add on because I no longer get a bill through the door that reminds me to pay them. Not for much longer though: my first anniversary is near and I'm about to cancel the contract. And they can stick their 'reconnection charge' where the sun don't shine. Sadly, though, when I eventually move into the house I'll have no option but to return to these monkeys, since the local exchange is firmly in their monopolistic grip.
    What a dreadful company BT is.

  • It would be lovely if their IT helpdesk employed people who understand what packet loss is…

    Being passed around 4 people who ask you the same monotonous scripted questions is pretty frustrating!!

    I would tweet about them but internet is so sporadic here, I'm not even sure this comment will go through!!!!

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