BT offers UK businesses new broadband and phone bundle

BT is helping UK businesses beat the recession with a new broadband and call package. UK businesses now have the freedom to combine BT Business Total Broadband Option 1 internet access with a number of new BT One Plan call packages that offer inclusive calls to landlines, mobiles and international numbers.

BT says that by taking out the two plans together, UK businesses will see the cost of calls to UK fixed lines introduced savings of up to 50 per cent on the price per minute for calls to UK fixed lines for businesses taking a call package with their broadband package.

BT says by combining the two packages, UK business could save up to 20 percent on the price of purchasing the two services separately.

“In uncertain times, cash flow is king,” said Bill Murphy, managing director, BT Business.

“With the introduction of these changes, BT is helping businesses manage their communications spend with one low fixed cost package that they have the power to define themselves based on what they need. This is a natural evolution in the market of communication services.”

BT Business Total Broadband Option 1 costs £12.50, while the BT One Plan call start from just £5.

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  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to inform you of your appalling customer service programme you have. I find it difficult that you call yourself British Telecom, may I suggest you change your name to INDIA telecom, least as a customer I could choose not to use your service. I am a BT share holder and am disgusted that a company I respected as being a beacon of good British values, respect for customers has gone to the “DOGS”. On 6th July and again on 16th july I had a problem with my BT internet service I was connected to a INDIAN call centre where I was treated with little empathy, lack of understanding about my culture, which I find discriminating. What follows, was someone who followed a script without diverting away to my ACTUAL needs as a customer. I had little understanding of what they were asking, this making communication awful. I pay a premium to be with BRITISH Telecom and my family and friends are with you thanks to my praise of your service over the years. What has happened? You are now ranked in the bottom three companies for customer service in the UK. My internet was up and running for a total of one week before the same happend again. Would it be possible for BT to employ British people whom maybe able to help me. After my year contract has ended i will be moving to where they only have British support for British customers.

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