BT not protecting my family from spam

Submitted by Annie in November 2016

My family is receiving hundreds of unsolicited emails each weeks. Thousands have been tagged as spam, but the dross goes on. Some of the emails are highly offensive and BT has failed to filter even these out.

What is going on? We’ve listened to people in overseas call centres telling us to read the help section – which basically tells us to mark items as spam. And we’ve listened to the same people calling us back to check if, after reading said section (because that’s what their script asks them to do before we can proceed to step 2), there’s an improvement. And we’ve said no. And now they want to talk to us again if we’ve seen an improvement after a week or two of no technical intervention whatsoever. Seriously?

This has to be the worst response ever to complaints about unacceptable levels of spam. I apply filters with gmail and yahoo mail to protect my family and they never suffer this spam problem with those email accounts. I believe BT are in breach of contract. Please fix asap

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