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I have sent BT four letters on this matter already and had no replies back except letters asking for money! I moved into my flat in Feb 42 Lawnside Rd Ledbury and arranged to have BT the 1st months bill was fine paid it no problems then in April no bill thought okay maybe every quarter!

But in May the phone line got cut off so I used my mobile to call them where I was told the 2 bills hadn’t been paid, I explained I had received no bill! They told my £30 needed to be paid straight away which I did! Then 4 days later both bills arrived at the flat! So I paid the outstanding amount!
Including reconnection and late payment even those I thought this was wrong the same thing happened again in June no bill the line got cut off phoned and they said bill was sent! This time I decided because the phone hadn’t been used that it could stay off until BT had sorted the problem two weeks later i received a letter saying the phone was being disconnected in July and I owed them x amount for this.

I again wrote to them trying to sort this out but received nothing from them except a second letter saying I now owed £179.61 for disconnecting so I wrote again but nothing from BT this time a company called credit solutions say I owe £224.51 to BT!

I don’t mind paying for what owe but I do mind paying for BT mistakes if you don’t receive a bill how can you pay it! and why should I pay to be discounted because of BT’s mistakes that’s outrageous they haven’t bothered to contact me with regards any of my letters.

I look forward to hearing from you
Yours Sincerely
Miss Lisa Wakeham

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