BT Nightmare – Still Unresolved!

My 4 month BT nightmare began in June 2007. We just moved into a new build house in Cornwall and simply wanted the new phone line set up and activated. Simple? No. In no way was this simple. We had had one engineer simply not turn up. Another turned up in Durham the other side of the country.

Last night (22rd October 2007) I was on the phone for 6pm to 8pm listening to ‘we are currently very busy’!!!! for 2 hours!!!

I got passed around 6 people who cancelled my order, set up a new one, cancelled again, credit check, booking engineer, put on hold and so on.

Finally I spoke a very helpful and polite lady, the first polite person I have spoken to at BT (I even had one person when I asked I wanted to set up a new line say – “You what?”) and then when I finally thought I was getting somewhere I got cut off. Fun!

Even better, this morning I got a BT bill for £370 for my new address, the address with no telephone line. This is payment for the engineer that didn’t turn up and the engineer that turned up in Durham plus 2 BT Packages. You can begin to understand my frustration i’m sure! I wrote a letter of complaint mid September to Head of Customer Services and have since had no reply…what a suprise!

I can’t bear to get on the phone to them again. I cannot believe how poor their customer service has been, their operations management and their total lack of support for BT telephone customers. I was told of the problems they are having are because of the new systems in place for BT Broadband customers. Why this should effect me not having a telephone line for 4 months is a joke and needs to be investigated.

Help me!!!!!

Submit your BT Complaint so I can collate them and send off for a response from BT which I will post here once received.

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