BT New Orders & Disconnected Mobile Numbers

Submitted by Tin in October 2016

In short we started a journey on 18th Oct 2016 of what we thought would be a simple change of our existing Broadband and Landline package and add two new mobile Sim’s however we were handled by an agent that started us on a nightmare journey that has led us to:

1. Been told that we are moving house, this is first we know
2. Been told that someone is taking over our existing telephone number, which we did not request nor can we afford to lose our number that we have had since 2008
3. Still not having our new Broadband Router, which was to be delivered by 21st Oct 2016
4. Ending up with a new BT account, which we did not request nor authorise
5. Several orders cancelled, new orders then more cancelled orders and more new orders, which we did not request
6. On several occasions, of the 9 contiguous hours spent on calls with BT, some of your agents would look at the case then proceed to hang up the call
7. Received mobile sim’s that could be activated due to error on BT systems
8. Today the wrong mobile was ported to one of the new BT sim’s and another of our mobile numbers, that we have had for 24 years, was disconnected by BT rather porting the number
9. Karen from the Case Management Team in Swansea called this morning but said that she needed 30mins to review the case then she would call me back and that was at 10:30 this morning but no call back from Karen

To top it all off the mobile number that BT disconnected is my wife’s mobile number and we are dealing with a close friend death last Friday so family and friends and her surviving 82 year old husband all of whom cannot contact us via that number – thank you BT.

Then just to add salt to the wound BT disconnected my work mobile number this morning without and warning so now my clients cannot contact me as they have done on that mobile over the past decades. Again it will take BT 5+ working days to get that number back online. I have had that mobile number since 1985 and it has never been out of service, even for a minute in all those years so well done BT you have achieved what other network providers have not managed!

It is even more shocking that the issues above are going take a further 5+ working days to resolve when Gavin Patterson is personally aware of the issue and the case is now been handled by the Executive Level Complaints Team.

BT and Gavin Patterson – you would have to try very hard to put a Customer through this kind hell and have serial issues from bad to laughable (although one wants to cry).

Come on Gavin, show your market that you can make a difference and that you are not just another CEO that is devoid from their Customer base.

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