BT more interested in selling rather than customer satisfaction

A valid question here from an unhappy BT customer.

Dear BT

Why is it that the onus is put on the customer to take action? Over the last few days I have been trying to contact Product Help regarding my Freestyle 750. The line was constantly engaged. On one occasion I held the line for 2hrs 10 mins before calling it off in disgust.

I was passed from pillar to post whilst trying to find alternate ways of resolving my difficulties. Many staff did not know of the standard complaints procedure, of the e-mail address or its phone number.

I tried dealing with BT Shop on Line, who were totally at a loss regarding their responsibilities under the Sale of Goods Acts, and Distance Selling Regulations.
Every time I was told “If you don’t like it, send it back” and this at my own expense, and they would “see to it”.

I requested a prepaid returns label, but was told that if I did not have a fault number (obtained from the permanently engaged number 0800212182, they could do nothing.

They indicate that it was up to me to show that the instrument was faulty or that the User Guide as inadequate. The emphasis seems to be on selling rather than a total customer service experience.

Dr David Bracey

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  • I totally agree that BT are more focused on sales than on customer satisfaction.
    I recently requested a second line be attached to our existing line at work. 6 weeks later it has still not been completed. I feel as though I am in the middle of a maze with no exits visible or even that any exist. They talk about Hunt Groups and TVP numbers as though all of their customers were telecommunication engineers and had a clue as to what they meant
    I'd like to make a formal request that they remove the word British from their title as they are a disgrace and an embarrassment.

  • Why do BT have two different contract lengths – Home Tel for 12 moths & Broadand for 18 months. This means that you can never change unless you pay the fees to cancell your contract. I will no longer stay with BT after they could not change my package as i still have 6 month on my broadband but have finished my home phone. So they end up lossing a customer that has been with them so many years

  • i was giving the wrong broadband at first then when i asked for it to be swaped over to the one i wnted i lost both phone and broadband its taking me over 3 weeks to get it all back and as yet im still in the dark of when and if my servises will ever return

  • My BT broadband introductory letter gave me my email address.When I tried to log on to e mail account BT said address invalid. My compaint was answered by phone 2 days later-the caller said they would ring back in 10mins when I had set up my computer-nobody rang back.
    Now it is asking me to change my password but it is not accepting the correct security answer even though it did last week.
    10 days ago when bt deemed my valid email address as invalid it was sorted out by technical india taking over my computer. But it has happened again. I asked a friend who runs an online business about it and he has the same trouble and has kicked bt into touch.
    I would love to know if this problem is widespread and what to do next.I have told BT I don't need to sign in as no-one else uses my computer but the proceedure can't be bypassed.
    cheers jp clark

  • The comments above are typical of the issues customer's face when trying to contact BT. I work for the company within their Customer Services area and we have now slipped from the leading position for Customer Satisfaction in the UK to 4th position, and all employees expect to see this position fall even further over the coming months. BT has introduced a system of "Performance Management" which has completely de-motivated the entire workforce, this is a company which relies on the goodwill of it's staff to go the extra mile, and this isnt happening any more. Until BT's senior management change their way of thinking, and start to look after their staff then this situation will just become worse.

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