BT MAC key code complaint

A BT complaint here sent in regarding MAC Key code which is required when changing internet provider.

Dear Sir

I called on 12/8/09 to request for my MAC KEY, but to my surprise I was told that I am still tied into a contract that started in Sept 2008 for 18 months, so I disputed this and asked for proof,but was told by BT staff that “BT is a telephone company and does business only via telephone, so they do not have any proof a such”.

I replied that this is not true and that I will still need the proof what so ever, so I was told that they will send the query to the investigation department who will contact me within 48 hours..

After waiting till 19/8/09, I called BT again only to be told a different story that they are still investigating and that my broadband contract was updated in March 09,again I asked for proof of this and I was told that maybe I moved houses.

AgainI was told that the query is still under investigation and that they will not be able to tell me when the investigation will end.

I called again on 25/8/09 and 28/8/09, and received the same response that they are still investigating and are not able to tell me when this will end.

I then asked to speak to the manager, of which the answer was that he is busy. I also asked for your Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Scheme, but the BT staff refused to give me the details.

However, as I started my contract in January 2008 of which I have the proof, I am not in contract with your broadband any longer and since BT has refused to provide me with the MAC kEY to allow me change Broadband providers, I have no alternative, but to cancel my direct debit with you..

As explainned to the BT staff on 13/8/09, the reason for my move is because I cannot afford to pay your fees any longer as I found it cheaper elsewhere.

I will be seeking compensation from BT for not responding to my query within the 48 hours, not a single call at all, my inconveniences and BT depriving me to move to a cheaper provider as I have till 31st August 2009 to move to the new provider after I get my MAC KEY.

I am looking forward to your response.

I will only accept your response in writing, as I do not trust any information BT gives over the telephone.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Oluseyi Omosebi

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