BT Line Rental now £16.50

Dear BT, you have supplied my line rental for a long time and I have paid a figure of £11 per month by direct debit until four months ago when it went up to £16.50. I have had no paperwork or notification of why or what this is about. I rang your customer services and they said that I had been under paying, but they didn’t say for how long or how much I owed to catch up.

I have now discovered that since that conversation, on the 21st April you took a direct debit payment of £19.23 for Talk Talk Telecom which I do not have. I discovered this on the 22nd April and immediately rang customer services. I was told you have no record of this but of course I have.

I have now cancelled the second direct debit but I would like to speak to someone at customer services who can answer my questions and arrange a refund of the £19.23 and arrange for the line rental to go back down.

The only paperwork I have received from you says I have a whole bill,direct debit, instruction and states that if I cancel a payment processing fee will be applied to all future bills.

This seems to be a case of your representative not understanding plain English.

I have never experienced dealing with a company who could not be communicated with before but who were very quick to take money by direct debit without explanation.

Yours exasperated,

A Edwards

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  • B.t have been saying for 12 months that they are scrapping foreign call centres and have promised cutomers good service… all call centres are remaining in britian…they said this last year regarding this year but i have no idea whats going on!..i think it may be a tactic to stop disallushioned customers leaving!

  • B.t are very widely known for charging customers for accounts they do not have..i aahve had 2 accounts opened on the same landline either by an advisor who cannot speak good english 9apart from the phone and broaband accounts i alreadly have!) or by a mysterious person who has opened these accounts i have been billed…no one in b.t noticed that at one point there were 4 accounts for one address!..i had to point it out!…after speaking to b.t they say there are no longer 2 accounts for the same address but on speaking to broadband they say they still have 2 seems no one knows and they cant decided..the english call centre did admit that they prob cant read the notes correctly or dont know what they are doing and were rather angry themselves at the constant problems foreign call centres are dept tells me to ignore the other.They are just like kids.

  • I understand what you mean.They do eem to amke it up as they go along..
    I have also been a b.t customer for a long while however line rental for me had not gone up i am still paying £12.50 plus vat since july 2009..i am unsure why b.t would claim its gone up to £16.50, i have spoken to them and the figure of £12.50 has not altered for 12 months…but it does depend what option you are on…you have to be really careful as b.t have increased vat charges from april/may on broadband…i am now paying nearly £15 every quarter just for vat..and £38 a month for line rental and broadband..b.t at the time of you agreeing a verbal contract with them do not inform you of heavy vat charges until you have agreed the contract..its then they tell you usually on your first bill..that you have to pay vat..this is what happened to me..they also tell you you can pay your bill monthly when you sign up but when you agree to a contract they then tell you you can only pay your bills quarterly..if you dont have a direct debit..if you pay by debit card or payment card you are required to pay the whole figure one month in advance or you will get charged late payment fees..they also fail to send bills through the post in 10 months i had 2 b/band bills and 2 landline bills in this time frame.. b.t insist they sent bills out but admit they were not sure where they sent them but it was cost me nearly £74.99p to have copies of the bills they did not send.B.t are certainly ripping people off..and raking in money.
    I suppose many too, like me, have been threatened by b.t staff for not paying a bill alreadly paid with proof, and i had my line cut off twice because an advisor could not decide which bill amount for the month was correct asked me to pay all 4 and threatened to cut me off if i did not pay the bills he was unsure whether i owed.I agreed to pay the bill i'd been sent through the post and he said he would cut me off then and slammed down the phone to which he did cut me off..i did receive an apology bt b.t but got threatened again not long after….his manager asked me for a pre-payment also of £50..for a bill i may recieve in the future she was not sure of the amount but wanted £50 i refused and b.t expressed they could not disipline her because her employee ID..and manager ID do not exist..and she was in a vast country..with thousands of employees she was impossible to trace anyway so they asked me to drop the issue if possibe which i had no choice…Again very very convenient..b.t are very good at handing out apologies but actually cant admit they are not perfect.Who is…?

  • i paid bt £50 cash early in june, and rearranged my Direct Debit payment to start 20th july – and then due, on the 20th of subsequent months. however, come 30th of the same month of june, bt raided my account again for another £50! my bank manager explained that 'bt have a habit of unilaterally reinstating and collecting Direct Debits cancelled by customers'. i have now cancelled my Direct debit arrangement with bt – can't trust bt anymy longer. and guess what, bt has now – vindictively – restricted my services, well ahead of the 4th of august which they gave me to pay my outstanding bill. dishonesty? oe sheer vendetta?

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