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Many of you have complained about BT line rental prices. Here is the latest complaint. What does everybody think?

Dear Sir,

My daughter has recently rented a flat in Rhos Garnedd, Bangor and has had a new telephone connected. The only option was BT and they charged around £130 for the connection but also state that she has to have a years contract for line rental at £10.50 per month. She needs the Internet for her University course and wants a better service provider than BT. Does BT have the right to make this extortionate line rental charge for something that she doesn’t want? Your comments please,

Steve Glanville

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  • Dear Steve,
    In fact, other providers can install the line. I had mine installed cheaper, though they used a BT engineer. My contract even has free line rental. So they should not do it, but they do. The problem is that people do not know that alternatives exist. If I had, I would not have placed a BT order they’ve not been able to cancel after a month of asking for it!
    When you browse for other phone or broadband providers, look at “set-up fee” to see if it could cover the line installation cost, and if it’s not clear on the site you should ask them. Of course they’ll ask for a year contract as well, but it should be cheaper overall.

    Good luck to you and your daughter!

  • BT has to provide a telephone service to everyone in the country. Other providers don't have to cover the whole country. These other providers want to concentrate on the more lucrative urban areas so they can maximise their profits. But, thanks to BT your daughter is able to get a phone line and internet – hooray for BT!

  • The two anonymous idiots before me must be BT employees. Not everyone is able to freely check out alternatives, in fact BT engineers in this area (and I've spoken to a fair few, thanks to the way things get handled here) have said they're not always aware of a choice and they don't talk about it, since it's made quite clear to them that it may put their jobs in jeopardy…

    When you think there's few or no choices, as is the case where I live (even Sky want to charge more than the urbanites get it for out here) then BT know there's little competition and will treat you like nothing. So, as for the idiot before me who said about maximising profits – BT needing help from government to roll out better broadband to what basically covers little more than the lucrative URBAN areas which I'll have to pay towards but will never see as long as I live here. Hooray? Whatever.

  • All companies which install lines (except Virgin) use Openreach engineers.

    There are a few companies (such as LowerCall) which offer line installation at the wholesale cost and without tying customers to a contract.

    The only companies offering free line installation would presumably be absorbing the cost themselves. This undoubtedly means higher chargers elsewhere and a long contract to recoup these costs.

  • In fact it doesn't mater to BT wether its Urabn or a rural Mrket.. If they can provide u lines they will.. Unlike other.. Every were ther is a rental.. £ 10.50/ mnth is really cheap.. It beter than Payin £12.78 then £5 to £6 more to any private company..

    In fact there is no BT engineers ..Its Bloody Open Reach.. who don't give a dam that whos is tehservice provider..
    They are not even engineers ..they r line mens..

    If any other provider wants to work on every market why don't they have guts to lay own line throught the country.. Im not a BT worker .. and I don't work for LowerCall .. I don;t know what the Hell is LowerCall..

    But yes Virgin Engineers can't touch a BT lines they don't have the authority.. Its good to be in acontract.. its saves money..

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