BT keep sending us a bill meant for someone else; we keep informing BT that they have the wrong address but it makes no difference

Submitted in October 2016

Problem is as mentioned above.

BT keep sending us a bill for someone else but to our address. It does not matter that each time we contact BT and tell them they have the wrong address, they keep sending, ‘Final Demands’ to us.

Despite having returned every bill to BT with, ‘not known at this address’ and having contacted them by phone and advised them of the same, BT keep sending bills to us.

BT have now sent us information about a ‘Debt Recovery’ service that they want us to contact to clear the bill !

When ever we manage to speak to someone at BT, they say they will sort this out but obviously they never do as we keep getting this correspondence from them.

We have written to the Ombudsman – their reply is that they are experiencing high demand and there is a 6-8 week waiting time for a response from them.

If anyone knows of a way of sorting this out, we would be happy to hear from them.


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