BT Internet and MAC Code Complaint

Here’s a rather lengthy BT Internet complaint sent in detailing a host of problems with incorrect billing, MAC code not being sent and poor customer service.

Dear BT Complaints

I have had an ongoing problem since July with BT which has resulted in me losing both my internet and calls 5 times, each time I speak to someone I am told that to stop my problems I must repay the bill that I have already paid,

In June my bill arrived; paid it by cheque early July £204 roughly, however I was told that it never arrived.

I checked with my bank etc and contacted BT; on my bank statement it shows payment took, but I was told that this was not proof.

So I contacted my bank and paid to get back the cheque, this was verified as being received by BT once I received a copy of the cheque which I got from my bank at a cost. This took me to the middle of September, during which time my service was cut off 3 times. Each time I rang I was told that my service would be reinstated and a missing payment case would be opened and investigated.

I rang BT customer services again as I was due to go on holiday, I said that I had received the cheque from the bank, and the person I spoke to asked me what was on the back of the cheque. I read out what it was and was told that it showed that the cheque had appeared to have been paid into someone else’s account. I told them that for the next 2 weeks I would be away on holiday and I was assured that as they were happy that the cheque had actually been received and that I would suffer from no more restrictions to my line, which was good as I was going to be away and I did not want to leave my children at home with the worry of them not having a working phone.

I sent the cheque to BT in a letter to be signed for along with a copy of my bank statement so I could make sure it arrived to show proof of payment etc, 3 days into my holiday my son sent me a txt saying that the broadband and phone had both gone off, not even to incoming calls only completely off.

As soon as I returned home I contacted BT, from a phone box as I could not even ring BT from my landline, I was told that still no trace of my missing payment and to get my line reconnected I must pay my bill again.

I explained that the copy of the cheque to prove payment was sent to them recorded delivery and that I have proof that the letter was received by BT and still no payment, however I was told that my broadband and landline would be reconnected, which it was, ( at this point I have received my bt bill fro Sept – Dec, and was told that I have until the 18th Oct to pay this)

I was told that once my service was reconnected that I would be contacted by someone as a trace had been put on this missing payment, well yet again no contact and still BT are saying no payment received, then today I wake up to incoming calls again, ring BT yet again have to go through the whole explanation again, was told still no cheque received, even though my letter was received by BT on the 23rd Sept.

I was told that my line was restricted due to my bill just received and not my missing payment, I then asked about moving provider, its then I was asked why do I wish to move from bt, I explained that in the beginning when I joined broadband with BT I was told that I could pay for my broadband monthly by Direct Debit, a form was filled in and sent to BT for this yet it was never used, and for my whole contract with Bt broadband I have been billed on one bill, for my landline, my hub calls and broadband, on complaining have been told that I cannot pay separately, yet other people do.

Anyway I was given an offer to talk to the options team about my broadband bill, but declined as the offer they gave me a week ago was I can have my service for a £1 less a month, On again ringing BT I was told that my service would be reinstated yet I am still on incoming calls,

My June bill was paid in time yet still payment missing, I have been told that there is a missing payment case open yet since July I have heard nothing except when I get through to call centres where I have to go through what has happened over and over again.

I have also been told that due to me not paying my sept Bill my line is due to be disconnected completely, and I have been told that I cannot have more time to pay this bill as even though my June bill was paid ontime, as yet BT have not received payment.

I have also sent a copy of this to the charmans office, please assist me as yet since july I have had no help whatsoever except when I attempt to cancel my service with BT, then somone is alays willing to say they are helping even if they are not.

I have also been told that to stop any further action of restriction on my line that I must send the cheque again, I am sorry but surely someone must have realised that when you get the cheque from the bank that its the actual cheque not a copy, stupidly I did not copy it as we were due to leave to go to the airport, but sent it signed for, which showing the tracking number shows that it was received by BT.

I have been told that I must have sent it to the wrong address, that I must have forgot to put the cheque in the envelope and that I must have done something wrong, the last person I spoke to stated that if no payment is traced that I will continue to have problems as my June bill remains unpaid and kindly suggested that I pay it again. I must say that the call centres are completely useless, and give BT a bad name, I have been a customer of BT for a very long time, but to be honest this is not the first problem I have had and it doesn’t appear to be the last or as I was told. I did hang up on the person I spoke to as being told that I have to repay my bill is not an option.

Since my complaint has been sent ,nothing has happened. The payment is still missing, yet during my e-mails to the person dealing with my complaint they suggested I go back to the bank to see what they could do for me. I did this at some point in December at the bank I was offered to open a payment dispute, which I did however I noted in my e-mails that this could take 120 days, for an outcome to occur.

I have only just come home from hospital, yesterday I received an e-mail from the person dealing with my complaint which asked a number of questions, one of which was

“June bill – we have not received anything from the bank relating to this bill. Please can you let me what their progress is “

I am sorry but this appears to be that they are still waiting for the bank to trace this payment, it is me waiting on information from the bank not them, I have already now on 2 occasions sent in information concerning the payment I made in June by cheque, that cleared from my account the cheque that I paid to get from my bank to prove payment, the cheque that I gave the number on the back to who ever I spoke to at customer services, which was also posted to BT along with the statement from my bank showing the payment leaving my account .

I have been assured that my complaint and the missing payment is being dealt with, but it has took so long, and if it is being traced as I have been told why are they still waiting for the bank, all the bank have done is opened a payment dispute as obviously my payment has gone onto someone else’s account and not mine.

The person dealing with my complaint on contact with them does not appear to be in office every day, and another matter is due to the restrictions that have been on and of my line since this missing payment complaint started, I decided enough is enough and due to our broad band affected by this missing cheque, decided to change Broadband providers.

I requested a Mac code early DEC, and after being left on the line for over half an hour I asked the person looking at my complaint for assistance, A mac code was given to me yet it did not work, each time I tried to move I was told mac code incorrect contact provider, which I did, I was told that a further mac code could not be given to me until the 6th Jan, and Fri 15th in an e-mail I received another mac code, however yet again it does not work, I totally give up.

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