BT Infinity Superfast Broadband – Any Problems?

We’d like to hear from BT customers using the new Superfast Broadband ‘BT Infinity’? What has your experience being like? Any complaints about the service you received we want to hear about it.

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  1. Basically it doesn't work. I've had numerous phone calls with customer services in India who use a prescripted screen and seen two engineers. BT advertising campaign is bordering on fraudulent and I'm in the process of legally taking matters further.

  2. My problem isn't with the Infinity service, mine has been excellent. My problem is BT's cavalier approach to security. Every Homehub 3 has port 161 locked open and detectable with a port scan. All a hacker has to do is scan port 161 throughout the BT address range to find a computer to attack. BT has made every Infinity user a target for multiple attempts to burgle their computer while that port is open. Whether the hacker succeeds or not when they have moved on someone else will come along and try their luck. With port 161 open this is going to be a never ending problem.

  3. I asked for BT Infinity after returning to the UK from 2 years living abroad. I arranged for an engineer visit on 1st November.

    No engineer turned up. When I rang up to complain I was told the "systems were down" and someone would contact me tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning came and went- same excuse "systems down."

    The next day I rang- apparently there is a "supplier database" as BT sub-contract residential wiring out to OpenReach. As OpenReach had an old DSL line "on the system" they felt no visit was necessary. Infinity needs a new socket as its a different termination to ADSL. (Plus I wanted and paid for a new line to be installed downstairs.)

    I did get two phone calls, one from India and one from the UK by two people saying they would help me with my install.

    I get a futher call from India that I could barely understand, but eventually worked out that they would get an engineer to me on Wednesday. (two weeks after the first cancelled engineer visit.)

    On the Saturday I got an SMS stating that the engineer visit has been cancelled as records showed that I already had a line. Sounds familiar? I complained to BT as was told that an engineer with definately be with me tomorrow.

    I wait with baited breath- disgusted with the service, and angry with the typical stock answers- "we are sorry…", "there is nothing we can do…", "its our suppliers…", "we will call you back…" etc etc etc.

  4. super fast broadband called infinity By BT is one Big joke, I can shit faster then this crap super fast broadband do not sign up for this shit

    BT you are just tacking the piss….

  5. Had inifinity installed 4 weeks back promised speed 40Mb. My speedtest 30 mins ago reported 0.5Mbps !! What a joke .. called 8 times so far several phone calls and 1 engineer vistit no change – worst decision made ever. I would never recommend BT infinity to anyone – stick with 02 or anyone offering standard 6-8 Mbps as you will get that. You get promised ring backs – it'll be fixed in 2 days all nonsense – clueless support – blind leading blind. It's amazing how they fob you off and make out it's an issue with your internal setup and not their line – except when I told them I was in IT and new networks back to front they all of a sudden changed their response and put me through to the network team – worst service ever. !!

  6. Since infinity was installed at bt request.. I have had a nightmare. ihave the slowest connection everAfter up grading.since the 28th october I have no connection or if successful unresposive pages, errors and no connecton at.all. I hve managed to get a connection. Would not recommend infinity.. All these good deals around Iam considering cutting my losses and cancelling my diect debit or requesting a ffull refund last months bill + sep-oct + the advanced oct -nov 2013. Or a discount for non connection, at the manager'discetion. As you can see Iam very dissatissfied with BT service and sales policy.

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