BT Infinity setup and OpenReach

This BT complaint regards problems setting up BT Infinity setup and OpenReach.


When I moved into a new property on the 1st of July I discovered the previous tenants had disconnected the line, so far from the swift set up I was hoping for, I found the industry makes you wait 14 days. Fair enough, that’s acceptable, however at the time I did not want to be tied into a 12 month BT contract so instead went with a rolling 1 month post office contract (far cheaper for some reason), but eventually found out the fastest internet I could get at the property was from BT under the Infinity package. So I set out to purchase this service on the 14th of July, and found to my dismay I would had to wait another 14 days, it’s how the industry works. 8 days after placing this order, I received a letter written on the day I placed the order stating they had been unable to contact me regarding aspects of my order, however I had no missed calls or emails from BT.I called them up.

When I phoned in later that day I discovered I had failed a credit check because the person who placed my order had not taken a previous address, and that the order had been cancelled without my knowledge. So I placed another order on that day (21st at the point) and was told I’d have to wait another 14 days due to the line transfer (again) and that my order would be completed on the 4th of August with the engineer coming out between 8AM and 1PM.

The 4th rolled around and I waited and waited and no engineer turned up and I received no phone call saying they were delayed etc. I phoned the call centre on 0800 800 150 at 1PM asking what was going on, and I was swiftly told that they’d get back to me within the hour regarding the order. After 1 hour 30 minutes I called them back saying I had not been contacted and could we talk about the order, I get told the same again, and once again I called them back 1 hour 30 minutes later, the person I spoke to said that they were told there had been a problem with the OpenReach engineer diary system and that an engineer had simply not been assigned to my order. Then I was then told I would be called back within 48 hours, by 8PM on the Friday 6th once they had sorted things out with OpenReach. I waited until 8PM on Friday the 6th and received no phone call from BT. I then called them up again and was told I would be contacted by 8PM on Saturday the 7th. I waited until 8PM on the Saturday and attempted to call back, only to find they close at 8PM.

On Sunday the 8th I called again and got through and was told I’d receive a call from the offline team (who were supposed to be calling me back all the previous times) by Monday, to which I said that it was simply not acceptable for this to be left with the offline team to call me when they got an email from OpenReach as they had failed to contact me on numerous previous occasions, so a nice operator personally took on my case, informing me she’d finish her shift at 2PM on Monday, and that she’d contact me before then to update me.

She called me at 11AM on Monday to say that OpenReach had still not emailed her back. This was the last I heard until I called again later on Monday and was told that I would be contacted soon when they knew what was going on. I received a call back later on Monday and was told that OpenReach had informed them that there was “a problem with the system”, to which I could only reply, well yes, I knew that on Wednesday. I asked if we could place a new order and escalate it to get it all sorted out. I was told that this was not possible as any order they placed would encounter to the same issue, so I asked if that meant that they were therefore unable to place any orders currently, and that this must be affecting business greatly. But the operator would not confirm or deny that this was the case.

By this point I simply gave up and resigned myself to waiting for a call from them and went on my postponed Holiday that they had forced me to move.

While I was away I was contacted by a very nonchalant operator who said something to the effect of “Yeah we have an appointment for you now, the earliest is the 18th, do you want morning or afternoon” I opted for the 8AM to 1PM appointment again.

On Wednesday the 18th, after not having received an engineer for the 2nd time I called them up and was told I would get a call back within 24 hours from the offline team. It had turned out that an employee had booked an appointment for the 25th and another was then escalated to the 18th. Apparently in the eyes of OpenReach, such a double booking means they remain silent, do not try to resolve the issue and instead do nothing, despite me receiving a letter saying my appointment is booked, I’ll take receipt of my home hub etc etc.

On Friday the 20th I tried to give BT a call again quickly before closing time to find out if there was any updates for the order. When I dialled 150 then pressed 1, 1, 1 specifiying I’m calling from the numnber I want to talk about, about broadband, and about that specific order, the automated message told me it could not find an order for my number.

On the 21st (Saturday) I called up again and was told that while I was waiting for a Senior Manager (the particular one I would like to make a personal complaint about) to call me back, OpenReach had cancelled the order “due to an open phone line installation request being on the line also”, this would be the phone line that has been installed since the 4th when my first engineer appointment was supposed to occur. So I went through to the order department, who pulled up my details and put me through to BT Total Broadband to make the new order, sending my details through to save me the hassle of doing everything again, who then bounced me through to the Infinity department without sending my details. So I had to go through the entire order process for a 3rd time. I was told that they were unable to perform an engineer appointment escalation before I had placed the order, so we placed it, and then I went back through to the order department to try and get the escalation sorted out. They then sent an email somewhere to try and get it sorted for me and assured me that I’d get a call back within 24 hours about the escalation.

I called back on the Sunday 22nd just over 24 hours later, to the same number I had used every time previously, 150, and went through to an operator who told me that they could not deal with infinity orders and bounced me through to the infinity department (who the previous night had told me they could not deal with escalations and had bounced me to the orders department). The infinity department then told me that they were still waiting for a reply from whoever the email was sent to, and that I was unlikely to get a reply before Monday because the weekend is not “working hours” so it was unlikely that anyone was checking the emails.

I would like to know how such ineptitude can be allowed to continue. How is it I am sending this from a USB 3g dongle and not from my BT Infinity connection?


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  • Hi
    I have exactly the same issues, almost word for word, mine started July 6th 2010 and still no resolution. If you managed to resolve this please let me know how, as I'm still being charged for Infinity with no service!

  • You should not be being charged untill you have gone live! speak to BT about this also they pay £10 compensation per missed visit or phone call if you ask for it.

    Good luck.

  • I am in the same boat two no-show engineer appointments with no explanation, still waiting for the off line team to contact me back for the third time! How can BT be taken seriously! I see in the news the EU has given them funding for fibre-optic broadband, more money wasted there I suspect! During one call to BT they even said there wasnt a FTTC box close enough my house, to which I replied its at the edge of my drive 24 meters from my front door!

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