BT Infinity complaint – unhappy customer claims BT are fraudsters

We’ve had a few BT Infinity complaints sent in to us so far since the superfast broadband went live to pockets of customers throughout the UK and here is the latest Infinity complaint.

Dear BT complaints,

I recently signed up to BT Superfast Broadband (Infinity) after confirming it was available to my house on their website. I soon received confirmation emails of the fibre speeds I would be getting and that an engineer would come on 4/10/2011.

I received delivery of the home hub with a welcome to infinity pack but the day before infinity was due to be installed I received an email from BT stating that an engineer would not be needed for installation.

I thought this rather strange as an engineer is needed for installation when changing from copper to fibre. October 4th came. And I went to install the BT home hub as per the instructions I had been given.

I realised that a second box was missing that is needed for the high speed fibre function. On calling BT I was told that due to capacity being reached in my area since I had signed up they would only be giving me a standard copper connection and would be charging me the same as the top tier infinity package I had signed up too. To summarise this which I believe is outright criminal fraud.

1. Signed up to BT infinity

2. BT knew they could only give us a copper connection as evidenced by the no engineer needed email and lack of second fibre box being delivered. They sent out a welcome to BT infinity pack knowing this.

3. BT did not inform me I could only get a copper connection and let me believe I was getting fibre optic broadband while charging me the full infinity price which was double the price of the talk talk broadband I had transferred from.

4. I had no choice but to cancel as paying double for the same speeds I had on Talk Talk was not an option.

5. I have lost the home phone number I had for 32 years! And will be a week without any Internet access at home. I have made numerous calls using a mobile as I have no landline to BT and Talk Talk to resolve this at considerable expense.

6. BT will give me no compensation and state that calls to them are free on an 0800 number using a landline. Problem is I don’t have a landline because of BT so must use a mobile!!!

I would appreciate if you could highlight my case.

Regards, Brian Maginnis.

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  1. Brian,
    Im not an inifinity customer as yet but will be in the next couple of weeks and found this while researching complaints about the service. BT Inifinity is a fibre optic service however this type to data transfer only extends to your local exchange from this every subsciber recieves there broadband through the telephone cables. i read somewhere BT are trialing a FTTH technology but its not availbale to the public as yet. you can research this yourself just type FTTH (Fibre To The Home) into your local search engine.

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