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Submitted by Josh in November 2016

Three months I have been with BT and I haven’t paid them a single penny, an engineer was supposed to come out and set everything up outside the house to do with the line, that never happened.

Because of this the tv signal didn’t not work and the wifi signal was terrible (better of using mobile data) (I live in the middle of a town, it should be good) i refuse to pay for a service that does not provide what it says it does, after informing BT of this I was then told i have to pay before it can be fixed because I didn’t report a fault, (still refuse to pay knowing full well if I did it wouldn’t make a difference) I then reported a fault two days later and was told it was a problem with the line and was promised an engineer to come out and fix this problem, the engineer never turned up.

After countless times trying to get through to BT (it’s impossible to talk to a human being) at the mention of them promising various things they decide to hang up and ignore what I have to say. I am willing to pay for everything in full once my TV and wifi work correctly, does anyone know who the best person to talk to about this is and a possible contact number that lets me talk to a human being?

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