BT Homehub Rant

An unhappy BT customer has sent this complaint in regarding his BT Homehub and the problems he has had with the setup.

Dear Sir

Thanks for setting up this website. I am at my wits end with BT!

It all started with the change to the BT homehub from a voyager router. My speeds have never been super fast , only ever got around 1.5 mb download speeds, but my speed at the moment is 130 kbps ( just over double dial up speeds) , and this is on an “up to 8mb” bt broadband option 3 line which costs me £25 a month.

I am more than 2 miles from the exchange ( maybe 3 miles) , so my speed will be lower , but I would be happy with 1mb and very happy with 2mb , but come on double dialup ?????

I have logged 17 individual fault reports with BT since November 2006 , have had several new line boxes fitted, and more line tests than I care to mention.

I keep phoning BT , which normally results in the usual questions:

  • Have you checked your filters?
  • Can you turn your router on and off
  • What are the flashing lights doing?
  • Can you move the router closer to the line box?
  • Have you changed the cables?
  • Have you turned off your antivirus and firewall?
  • Have you turned off all the other equipment in your house

Etc Etc Etc!

I have performed these tasks so many times , I could write their script myself.

Sometimes, if you are lucky , you may actually get somebody you can understand , but normally I have so much trouble understanding the people in the Indian call centre that I may as well be talking to the dog !

And how many times have I been transferred to another department , just for the line to go dead or not get answered at all. Then you phone back up , wait the required 15 mins for somebody to answer , go through the security questions and have to explain it all again , to a different idiot savant , who then asks you ” have you checked your filters ?” ARGHHHH

I have 3 computers in my house , and a speed test on them individually ( with the others turned off ) all report speeds tests of 160 kbps , so how on earth is it a problem with my PC.

I have unplugged every phone , every bit of electrical equipment and ever turned off the power to the heating system and boiler ,still no difference .

But BT customer services can still find nothing wrong with their line. BT are an absolute disgrace!

Thanks for reading my Rant, I feel better now!

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  • I so totally agree, you cannot imagine! And I am a single mum, recently widowed, with 2 small kids and a full time job, which, incidentally, is not in computing!

  • i have nothing but trouble with bt broadband every time i ring up they say check this check that i am running round and i dont now what to next then they say iwill put you on to somone else then they do the same bye bye next year i am not paying 22pound for this i am never on most of time

  • I have spent an hour and half on phone to some idiot in india trying to sort why i keep losing my connection when using wireless. He told me my laptop was faulty when i explained that there are 3 laptops in my home and that they all cant be faulty, And it must be the homehub and could i speak to his manager the bloody idiot hung up on me i dont believe it. Tried ringing complaints line and what do i get yea you guessed another bloody indian. What do one do to complain to someone who speaks english.?

  • B.T are so crap at broadband that it was’nt working the engineer did’nt know what he was doing being an I.T engineer I repaired it myself and got it working yet the cheeky buggers charged me £100.00 for repairing it myself.
    I am stuck with a contract till Aug 2009 cant wait to get rid of them

  • BT Broadband with home hub

    I do broadband connections for a living (also CCNA qualified) and after 3 hours without being able to connect – including setting the hub with no encryption I still could not connect. Even set my IP Address to the correct static addressing. I did a factory reset and advanced settings without success.

    Eventually gave up trying to connect with two separate PC's on with Vista 1 (SP1 installed) so no issue regarding kb article!

    Tried auto on channel and also Setting to channel 6, and both the 802.11 b/g – taking off the n.

    One laptop (wireless) with XP – running insider to confirm encryption settings etc. I was connected via Ethernet cable no problem but even when connection was made no IP was assigned. The hub was not set to deny access to devices either! Tried passwords both

    Eventually gave up and dialled the BT help desk no 0800 800030. Got foreign help desk – very good immediately asked to take control of PC (Vista) – watched as he did exactly the same as I'd done on 6 or 7 occasions. He rebooted the Laptop & then left it for two minutes. Discoinnected the Ethernet cable – It then connected via wireless after a minute or two.

    I put the same password into my XP laptop that had previously not connected using exactly the same settings. It also connected – despite not having changed any settings!!!

    I suggest they set something or upgraded some software on the home hub ?? The firmware remained the same as I screenshot both before & after…. were the same

    Next time I'll be ringing them straight away if not connected in first 15 minutes.

    Anyone know the answer why??? CB

  • Similar….only my phone line was also crackling so badly I couldn’t hear. I was still asked all those idiot questions about my Broadband. Finally I was asked to get a screwdriver and unscrew the telephone socket – I’m an OAP! They tested the line twice and said it was OK!! I finally got them to book an engineer but would have to wait a week. I went through the process again but then by some magic, was put through to the local engineers who came the next day and fixed it. It was a corroded piece of wire on the pole outside AND they’d tested the line!

    A couple of days later I was phoned by the Call Centre – twice -first giving me some completely alien name. I told them it was fixed – but that’s ignored as they still have to ask the question that are on their list and get the reply that fits.Eventually I asked them to cancel the engineer which they said they’d do. Yesterday I decided to check, so rang the number I’d initially been given for cancellations – it hadn’t been cancelled so the woman on the end said she’d do it. Guess what? I’ve just been called by an engineer on his way! How frustrating for him if his list isn’t correct.

    What are BT doing? The whole set up is so confusing to users now, not to mention totally inefficient. It must be costing more to run than ever. I spent about an hour and a half on the phone at various times on the first day. Crazy! Pamela vR

  • i have got same to wi fi wont work when try to connect and call center in mars sorry i mean india there service is disgraceful cannot make them out i know how to connect hub it does not want to work these hubs are faulty and they know it this needs to be sorted out tradeing standerd should be looking in to this to this is faulty tradeing by bt

  • it is time tradeing standerd were looking in to them these hubs are faulty got the same hassel wont connect same india crap not good atall

  • 3 weeks now and speeds of 200Kbps to 300Kbps, they fixed it 4 times and the longest it stayed fixed was 2 days. They come to the house with there laptops and tell me everything seems ok, they refuse to use a online speed checker telling me they just say its slow to sell me another internet provider. They have even told me my amatuer radio is interfering with the ethernet cables, which i find highly unlikely as i never had the problem at out old address. We had a voyager router at our old address and since moving house 4 months ago we have had a home hub. Oh well off to ring them again i suppose to try and get this sorted out, i may even plug in the old voyager router. good luck everyone with problems, when your contract ends go elswhere BT will go under in the future dont worry

  • This all sounds familier! My BT service is shocking. I pay for unlimited access but still after over three hours of listening to their Tech’ help people I still have no wireless access and I sometime have to wait over 40 minutes to get a steady “blue lit” connection via a lead. I keep asking for my cash back but just keeping getting passed to Tech’ help!! They said my hub was broken and so sent another… Same Problem!!

  • I am having a nightmare on this too, its been 3 months with being told the same things…my ip profile is at 116kbps, 2 engineers, 2 boxes and some serious phone calls from me later..and still no fix….im totally at the end of my tether with this…but feel stuck as i cannot go with any other provider as it still uses the same phoneline and we dont have cable…..what can i do!

  • Yep I have been there and along with other problems.

    I have had bank charges over £200 in total due to BT, I have always got my cash back from them but its not the point.

    I really feel for anyone who has problems with BT, It took me over 3 months to order BT Vision and get all the bills sorted correctly as BT people are not able to do anything correct, my bills ran up that high I am still paying them, this was because I was unable to pay them due to BT not doing there jobs correct.

    I am happy to say I have just started the process of getting red of BT all together,I got Virgin the lot phone, TV and broadband for cheaper and wow 10mb that's right not the 1.5mb I was getting from BT, now I have told BT that I am leaving and they tried the contract isn't up trick so I told them my service isn't even right and there in breach, and I have just got a big some off my bills and first thing when they open tomorrow I will stop in full and will get a final bill.

    Then I think I will really hope to have a nice relaxing life, they really need to go bump and be gone, I cant believe I went with them and stayed for a year and 4 months or something like that.


  • Been with BT Broadband for a year, and it is totally crap. Had numurous engineer visits who say our line is fine, yet the Home Hub keeps cutting off. I am on my THIRD hub now. It is one of the new 2.0 black ones and guess what…. it keeps cutting out like the first Two I had. Since the beginning of May, Internet connection has gone off for hours on end on many occassions and when you phone them it is the usual Change filter etc. I think there is a case for Trading Standards, as the Hubs don't work properly and the Internet speeds rarely reach the advertised levels. I still have Six months on my contract, but would cancel tomorrow and go with someone else if i could.

  • Spot on comments from the original complainant. I've had exactly the same problems for nearly 8 weeks now. Almost daily calls to India when the Internet line drops out. Had 2 visits from Open Reach who say the line is fine, renewed the filters, turned the router on an off more than a tarts knickers, learnt to speak Urdu, bought myself a pen and stationery instead of using e mail, become obsessed with counting green lights on the hub whenever I enter the house and even quote the call centre mantra/script in my sleep now.
    The next step in the fiasco has been that BT now say the hub/router may be faulty. OK I say, well replace it then as I'm paying you £20 per month for the service. Alas, no chance as the cheeky swines now say that I need to sign up to a new 18 month contract to get a new router.
    Fair enough, I will sign a new contract, but with someone else and definitely not with BT.
    I don't know if anyone from BT ever reads these complaints but they are a disgrace as an organisation. They have overtly lied to me about posting a new router in the past in the hope that it would get me off the line and placate me and seem incapable of moving off their standard script when dealing with a problem. I've genuinely no problem with anyone I've dealt with at the call centre or who have visited but they all operate within fixed silo's and no one takes ownership of the whole problem.
    Final parting shot – if I want compensation then I have to ring yet another number and explain the whole thing all over again and prove my case. Surely someone should review the notes and do this for me as part of a complaint finalisation exercise. I'd rather retain my dignity and say goodbye to BT that have to ring up yet again to this wretched organisation (of which I regret to say I am also a very minor shareholder)
    David Charnock

  • Take it all back as BT have now been very helpful in helping to resolve my issues.
    New upgraded hub supplied – will see if this solves the problem.
    Hole in the road to be fixed shortly.
    Everyone really helpful this time around.
    David C

  • BT (British telecom) HA! HA! HA! What a bloody joke. They should drop the B, as they are as British as the Eiffel tower. I too have went through 3 routers after on going argument about my supposed going over the 10GB limit. They insisted that I had downloaded 17GB on the 8th June, then 11GB on the 11th of June. As my fastest connection is 5.5MB I argued this was impossible. Eventually I got this Asian guy technical support), who suggested that my router may have been compromised. he said he would look into it and phone me back just after 12 noon next day. I waited until just before 2pm and called BT myself. 30 minutes later the first guy phoned, unhappy that I had called again about problem. He said that my complaint was being handled by another tech, and was out of his hands. he could no longer offer any help and I was on my own. Well BT! Here is what I think of your service….. ABSOLUTE CRAP …. I AM LEAVING 3 MONTH INTO CONTRACT AND YOU WILL NOT GET A PENNY!-

  • Yes BT and their homehubs are a joke very poor compatibility online gaming and they are faulty. Trading standards should look into. After being told I was too far from the exchange, when I am 900 meters from it, that my line is being capped when apparently it runs upto 10MB. I was told it was going to be fixed on 3 occasions, twice they said it had been fixed when it wasnt, it has been running at less than 0.5MB for the last 2 weeks. A service engineer was called out and was supposed to call my mobile, guess what they didnt contact me and i did not get the engineer visit. Am cancelling my direct debit and will refuse to pay my final bill. No service no money. Had been with BT for 3 years, bad lines poor internet speeds and over priced. What a shocker

  • Help! We had great service from BT for the last 5 months or so…then all over a sudden we .experienced…having limited access…..only a few hours a day…. when before getting instant access…
    now to few hours and now when we ring up…we get transfered from department to department….and no one can help us!……
    go through the steps…continously…..with them on the phone…and all the customer service is a bunch of indian people in india…who seem to have no relation to one another…. we are going round in circles….no one can help….us…!!!!!

    its mental…the service …! customer service…is bad…!!!!

    I am paying and not getting the service….
    to send a engineer they will charge us!!!! is this ridicious..!!!!

    BT you need to improve your customer service!!!!!!!


  • I have finally cancelled my contract, giving the required month notice, despite paying for 12 months service. BT have disconnected my BT Homehub immediately and I now have 11 months service !!!

  • How rubbish is this its costing me £1000s in lost business due to losing my broadband connection.
    Here's an idea why don't we all stop paying for service on the same day and inform newsgroups. I bet Bloody Turds would do something then.

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