BT Hidden Costs Complaint

Another complaint about BT hidden costs here from another unhappy customer.

Dear Sir

I was contacted last year by one of your telesales people and asked about my current supplier. When I told them about the deal I was receiving they said they could improve on this with the Unlimited Anytime plan. I then received confusing bills but paid £26 per month, more than I was paying with Talk Talk but thought I am backing british etc. However, in December I received a massive bill with hidden costs which were glibly explained away at the time. I canceled the service. Today I have receieved another one saying I hadn’t paid the previous bill and another bill for £99.61, which has already been taken from my account.

I have been lied to and money taken which had I known would be charged would not have accepted this deal. I am out of pocket by about £150, all because I was not told the truth, I wouldn’t have accepted it and feel really angry. I am now back with talk talk, unlimited, no hidden costs at £18 monthly WITHOUT LINE RENTALS BEING EXTRA.

I feel I should have a refund, nobody in their right mind would have agreed to the real terms of this ‘deal’ and I can assure you I am perfectly sane. The people selling the package, are, no doubt desperate to get deals and are therefore not clear –  otherwise you would not sell anything its DISGUSTING.

I am a teacher and would be dismissed if I told my students untruths or led them to believe other things than the truth for my own end. BT? no thank you. If you decide to honor your original offer and refund the hidden extras.

Susan Ridgewell

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  • Susan you are quite right! BT stands for Blatant theft! I was charged £213.00 for reporting a line fault on despite no fault found. The engineer lyed on his report which of course I was not left a copy of!! At no stage was I advised or agreed to charges. BT response or should I say harrasment on a saturday evening by a patronising dictorial customer service manager some 3 months after the incident was to tell me that charges were clearly stated on Maybe they are but only if you progress through the line test result which I did not!! as it wasnt fully operational that night. Dilly Dolly then sent me pages from the CURRENT which she alleged I completed although proof of this has not been forthcomming from BT. I had never seen these pages before probably due to BT changing the format of I empthise with you Susan BT base there buisness on lying abd cheating practice. there are so many stories like ours. I changed to Virgin Media and so far have been very impressed. Spread your word to all and sundrie rubbish there name and encourage people to change. By doing this BT have been left worse off than me. Also waste of time going to Otelo.

  • Blatant theft. You got that spot on. Hidden charges has cost me about a extra £80 on top of my bill for the year ending 2011. In december 2011 I paid my last quarterly bill to have another bill emailed to me on the 13th of january. I was not expecting the next bill to land until feb 2012. when I contacted them which is a joke to try and get to talk to a human being, they told me.. Oh yes Mr soandso we have switched you over to our monthly contract.

    WTF.. Now you just change contacts without notice. The MSM media needs to know about this dishonest pratice.

  • no one should sign up to bt they are liars and put hidden costs every can talk to all of india but only get a person in the uk if you want to buy a package strange that.we had bt infinity package in december £26 a mth they said but have hit us with £356 in 4wks of hidden costs..they can take us to court if they want.they said they sent emails they have not they said they have sent paper bills they have not.we have been with bt for 10yrs no more if we can get out of the contract that is only fit for the purpose of rippig you off.

  • we have just been informed by BT that even though we are out of contract limits, to cancel our fibre optic broadband, that we have had for at least 3 years, that we have to pay £30 for them to remove the fibre connection from the exchange.

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