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Here’s two more recent BT Complaints made to BT customer service and there are many more just like this on the send your BT complaint page.

“Why has BT set up a separate payment department for which I am paying for i.e. £4-50.
I do not trust BT to take the correct variable amount out of my bank account as it is.
It is bad enough that you have to pay £5-00 if they consider your payment to have been late but to have to pay an extra £9-50 for the privilege of paying by check is a B……… Liberty.
I always pay my bill, have never defaulted, have been with BT for….. forever.
Considering leaving now.Very disappointed”.
Miss L Callaway

“I’ve just bought a new second home and need a phone line. My wife called BT and they said we’d need an engineer, even though the previous owners had a BT line. They have now missed four separate confirmed appointments without ever once warning me they would not be attending.
I have wasted so much time waiting for engineers and in BT’s endless phone queues (50 minutes was my longest wait).
No-one I’ve spoken to has any idea what’s going wrong and all they do is offer a new appointment which the engineers then miss again. The last manager I spoke to said we didn’t even need an engineer and the line would be activated within 48 hours from the exchange.
It wasn’t. We’ve just called BT to confirm the latest appointment to be told it’s been concealed for some unknown reason and they won’t be coming”.
Malcolm Lochhead

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