BT have no compassion towards their disabled customers

This BT complaint was sent in today from an angry and upset disabled customer. This is terrible PR for BT who ironically are sponsoring this years Paralympics. The names of BT staff concerned have been removed from this complaint to comply with data protection.

Dear BT Complaint

Please share this on the BT complaint forum. I was born minus a thumb on my right hand and my right arm is considerably shorter than the left. My right arm and hand are also arthritic and only has 23% normal usage. My left arm has severe tendinitis making it difficult for me to use my fingers. When the bt hub goes wrong which is frequently and often, I am instructed to insert a pin into the reset button, a task that due to my disability’s I am unable to preform.

After the last incident when this occurred which was on the 21st of June 2012 I phoned bt (I know that bt should be written in capital letters but they don’t deserve it) and explained the situation to an understanding customer care operator who agreed that I could be let out of the 11 months I have left of an 18 month contract without the £170 penalty clause because due to no fault of my own I am unable to use their equipment. Straight away I telephoned Sky and told them what had happened and was welcomed back.

As a previous Sky customer, I never had a problem with the Sky router and I was also told that sky will send out an engineer as priority and free of charge if need help in connecting any of their equipment. I telephoned bt again on the 22nd of June to confirm that I was going ahead and would be swapping over and was then told that I wouldn’t be able to do that without having to pay penalty and that the customer care operator had been wrong to advise me of this.

On saturday the 23rd of June I received a call from a so called customer care operator. I had to terminate the call after about 20 seconds as he was quite aggressively shouting over me. I have tried to reach a compromise with bt but they will not alter my contract to another package enabling me to leave them sooner and forever, nor will they allow me to pay off the £170 penalty in reasonable instalments. Instead they have said that they would pass it on to a debt recovery agency which will almost certainly mean that the debt will double. Just to recap, I am a disabled man relying on state benefits through necessity rather than choice.

Perhaps one of the most hurtful aspects of this is that bt have told me that they will not send me any written correspondence to me as regards this matter. As bt have refused to send any correspondence as regards this matter, I think its within my best interests to record all incoming calls from them.

Today (July the 3rd 2012) at 14.27 I received a call to my mobile from from the customer complaints team. I was out and asked her to call back on my home phone number at around 16.30 when I could facilitate recording the call. I was told that it was illegal for me to record the call which isn’t true providing that I inform the person calling that they are being recorded. I was told that she would talk to her supervisor and that she would call me back at 16.30. She never called back.

The bitter irony in all of this is that bt is sponsoring this years paralympics whilst it treats its disabled customers with utter contempt. My next email will be to the paralympic committee informing them of the way that bt treat their disabled customers.

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  • Another con from BT. I handle my elderly Dad's bills, and I noticed that BT had doubled his direct debit last month. I phoned to query this; and, after long discussions halfway across the world with their "customer service". They decided that my Dad had phoned them to ask that he go onto a different (more expensive) service. A quick chat with my Dad confirmed that this was a LIE – my Dad hasn't made an outgoing call in months, and certainly not to BT. He told me that BT phoned him and told him that, as he was such a good customer, they were putting him on a better service automatically. They did not tell him that they would also double his payment. BT won't help at all – and wouldn't let me speak to a manager, despite my repeated requests. How can they sleep at night, conning money out of pensioners?

  • Under the Data Protection Act, you can request all information/internal calls from BT. If they don't provide a full correspondence, they can be issued with a winding up order, in very extreme cases…

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