BT Frustration

Dear, On 29th March I was scheduled to change my BT service to Talk Talk. I was told that there would be no disruption to my service and as soon as Talk Talk could take over the line I would be notified.

However this did not happen. When I tried to use broadband on 30th March and was told by your helpline that there was a fault on the phone line and to contact BT engineers who informed me that the fault was with the exchange and would be rectified asap. Every day after that I was contacted by text that the engineers were still working on the fault and would be cleared by 5.00pm the next day.

This continued until Wednesday 7th April when I was contacted by phone (my Mobile) and was told that they now thought that the fault was probably in my flat and that an engineer would attend on 13th April and it could cost me £127 if the fault was within my flat.

No engineer appeared on that date and when I phoned the helpline a g a i n I was told again that the fault was at the exchange. On Wednesday 14th April I phoned BT and asked to speak to a supervisor as this was now getting out of control. I was told that there was no supervisor available to speak to me but that one would phone me back within 2 hours needless to say this didn’t happen and I phoned again after 4 hours and was told a supervisor would phone me which she did.

This supervisor contacted Openreach who found the fault within a couple of hours and contacted me and when I questioned the reason that this had taken an in ordinated time to rectify and why, all he could tell me was that my line had been disconected and left hence the reason I could not receive incoming calls but could make outgoing calls but also could not get Internet connection.

You must agree that this is an appalling state of affairs and does BT no favours.

I would expect compensation not only for being unable to use my line which is very important to me but also for over two weeks of frustration and stress for the lack of commitment on your part.

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  1. no broadband option 3 since 15th April
    spent over ten hours on the phone
    no one ever calls back
    I cant even cancel the service I dont have and get a new provider.I have logged every call i have made and taken notes of time of call legnth and person spoken to.
    the complaint handlers dont eve call you back!

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