BT Friends and Family Closed?

BT Friends and Family service has stopped according to this latest BT customer complaint.

Dear Sir

Am I missing something? BT advise that Friends and Family was to be withdrawn on 31 March. So, my mother received her quarterly bill at the end of April and had received no discount at all for all the F&F numbers she called during the month.

She had no option to do anything before the bill was received and so missed out on the discount. Can I assume that this will be the same for all other BT users? This means thousands of customers are missing out on discounts for friends and family until such time as they get on to BT to select one of the new options.

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  • We have had nothing but problems with BT in various areas, & are currently trying to identify why our internet only works occassionally. Of course BT say the fault was fixed!

  • We too have had this service removed, along with two other couples we know.

    No warning was given to any of us & BT only say that a letter was sent to all customers regarding this…….Yes, & our check is in the post!

  • Just had my phone bill and I don't remember seeing a letter from BT regarding the changes to Friends and Family. Is this a contract change – if so does it mean I can leave before the 12 months are up?? We are already in dispute over the charge for International Call saver which was supposed to be "free" when we signed up for 12 months – lots of phone calls but still they continue to charge. When the contract is up I will be back to Talk Talk. Cheaper and better service…..

  • First thing I heard of it weas when my bill leapt up by 50%!

    I thought I'd missed something in the post since they send so much mail, but it looks like others have had Friends and Family withdrawn as well.

    The new tariffs on offer are pretty limited, F & F was a good deal. No point to ring a BT callcentre to tell them that, I've not got a spare afternoon!

    Have just gone over to the Phone Coop and switched my broadband to a mobile service. It's faster, and cheaper for phone and internet now. BT did me a favour.

  • We also had no notification that the Friends ans Family was being withdrawn. I had wanted to update mine but after spending nearly an hour searching for the appropriate page on BT website, gave it up as a lost cause. I also agree with a previous comment in that trying to phone up and speak top someone is nigh on impossible, and if you manage to get to someone a)the english is very limited and b) they do not really know what you want . They only seem interested in getting you to sign up for other (very costly ) updates etc.

  • It seesm BT's Unlimited Evenings and Weekends' package replaced Friends and Family – I just did a search on the BT website for F&F and found a link. But when clicking on it, I was diverted to Unlimited Evenings and Weekends.

  • I too have just discovered my recent bill shows no Friends and Family discount.Girl at call centre in India couldn't explain why I had not been notified that the service had now changed and she tried to tell me all calls to mobiles (not just F&F) are now discounted under a certain time limit. I am not happy with BT's bills and find them hard to understand as if they are deliberately designed to confuse the customer. I am seriously thinking of dumping BT, Has anyone had any experience with other providers?

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