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A worrying complaint here regarding a BT fraudster offering free broadband to a customer. If anyone else has had a similar experience, please comment below. This complaint along with all other BT complaints will be put into a report and sent for investigation. If you have a BT Complaint and want to share it and have it included in the report, please email us.

To whom it may concern,

Way back early spring this year I received a telephone from one of your delightful salesman. I explained that at the time I was with Talk Talk. Also so was my broadband with Talk Talk. We had a long depth conversation and concluded with the fact I would save money on my monthly bills by returning to BT.

He said that I would received ‘free’ broadband and that the 0845 numbers would be included in the 1 price package. He explained that it also would be cheaper for me when I make a phone call from b.t to mobile numbers. In all I was very pleased, but would need to discuss further with my husband. He phoned back in a few days time and I confirmed with him to make sure I had heard him correctly that I got all information correct. Unfortunately, he seemed so thorough that I mistakenly threw away the information I had written down with his name on.

However, after we received the first bill we expected payment to come out by direct debit. However, this did not happen and was sent a red bill. I telephoned your billing department and after spending ages on the automated system was told it was their mistake and apologised.

However, we later came home from holiday in May to find that we was ‘cut off’. I was furious. Spent again ages on the telephone to find out again it was a mistake and would be connected ‘free of charge’ and compensated for the trouble.

Eventually, on 18th June 09 £22.00 was taken out of our account. However, to my misfortune I did not realise that at the time and a man claiming to be from BT telephoned me to say that I would be cut off unless I gave my bank card details. He really upset me, and as we had trouble with BT unfortunately I believed him. Being so upset my husband telephoned the billing department and would told otherwise as he knew money had been taken by direct debit from our account.

The next day we discovered from our bank that it was a fraudster. I assumed it was an either a b.t employer on the ‘fiddle’ or ex employer as he seemed to know certain details about our account!

Not long after we received a bill dated 8th July with a ‘one-off charge’ saying late payment of £7.50 and re-connection charge of £11.50. I was fuming and tried desperately to telephone your billing department.

When I finally got through to customer services, they said they couldn’t comment as the system was down. I asked them to telephone me when her system was back in operation as I did not want to go through the long ordeal of 25 minutes getting through to another operator to no avail! especially as it was BT fault in the first place!!! She was most unhelpful and refused point blank to telephone me back or pass any message on.

I have spent 2 hours or more on and off the phone to your negligence. Also not to mention the fact that we still have not been given ‘free’ broadband as promised by your sales rep. way back in the spring time!!! At first I recommended your company back to b.t, but since have had to say otherwise. I feel really cheated and angry not to mention how upsetting the whole ordeal has been.

I hope all can possibly be resolved as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.


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