BT? Fast Broadband? My Arse!

Virgin Media pulled a cheeky stunt outside their rivals offices BT over the broadband connection speeds that BT offer. Virgin Media organised 13 skimpily dressed female models, including Danielle Lloyd, to bare their behinds to display a message which read “BT? Fast Broadband? My Arse!”

The executive director of Virgin Media said “This cheeky stunt was simply a humorous way to get across a serious message – that customers should demand what they are being promised from their internet providers”

The dig is aimed at ADSL and ADSL2+ technology that is still what most people use for their broadband connections at present through the BT network and not as fast as Virgin Media offer through it’s fibre optic broadband network, however there is still around 250,000 customers who connect through this way if they are not in a fibre enabled area.

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