BT Engineers Not Turning Up

One of the most type of complaints we receive from BT customers is BT engineers not turning up for a booked appointment.

A phone-line is very important for many people, especially the vulnerable and those with medical conditions.

It’s high time something was done about BT engineers not turning up.

Many customers have to take the day off work to wait for an engineer turn up – and when they don’t it’s a waste of their time and lose money from lost income. It’s completely unacceptable!

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Here’s the latest complaint we have received of an engineer not turning up:

Dear Sir

Please share this complaint on your BT complaints website. An engineer was booked to come to my house on 14th November 2014 to re instate a phone line and broadband.

I waited in the house all day and not one person called me or sent me an e mail.

I have made several calls and so have my friends from different households with a BT line and my mobile which has been costly to me.

I live alone in a rural cottage and I have a heart condition.

I would like to think I could call the emergency services if my mobile could not pick up a signal.

Please can you explain why nobody has contacted me or sent me an e mail with an explanation.

Every time I call your BT customer services staff they say my order has not been processed and its with the ‘Design Team’ and they will rectify the problem shortly. Is it normal to wait so long for a BT line to be connected?

Please can you please please please let me have a BT line. My mobile does not always work at the cottage as its in a vale and doesn’t always get a signal. Please can you have the decency to tell me why you are ignoring me?

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  • So i've moved home from a 2 bed house, to a 3 bed flat above a shop. I arranged a BT package consisting of a landline and internet infinity to be connected today. I waited in 8am til 2pm, for nothing. Noone turned up, no phone call to let me know, or no email etc. I had to arrange child care to take 2 of my children to school this morning. When i tried to call (on my mobile), the call got cut off as i cant afford to use my mobile to these numbers. I collected my children from school, and had to take them elsewhere to make a call to BT, as used a landline number. To now be told a phone line is being sorted in a weeks time, but may not be able to have the internet at the new address. I am very angry as i feel forced to stay with BT as i was under a contract i will get penalised to leave BT. I cannot complain online direct to them as the site doesnt seem to make it easy to do so. What a complete waste of a day. 🙁

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