BT Engineer didn’t turn up 3 times!

A BT engineer was supposed to install a phone line and broadband 3 times and never turned up. This is totally unacceptable and is by no means a one off.


I’ve been having a lot of trouble with BT business for my phone and broadband service to our new office. I can’t seem to find a recommended procedure to follow in order to complain to BT, and also to seek compensation, I wonder if you could point me in the right direction?

We ordered an existing line to be moved from a residential property (with Virgin) over to BT so we could transfer this number to our new office in early March. We had to use BT as unfortunately our office is in a non Virgin area.

We have now had 3 appointments for a BT engineer to install our line and broadband. Firstly, they went to the wrong address, secondly they didn’t turn up, and the third time (which was 22nd April), they canceled the appointment without informing us. I am now waiting for a call back with a new appointment.

So now, I have been running a lettings agency for 2 months with no phone line or broadband and I have reached the end of my strength with this.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me with where to take this complaint.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Jess Stephenson

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  • Sorry to go on, but also on the incorrect account BT had for me, I had apparently set up a direct debit of £61 per month that I had no idea about. I then received £60 in charges from my bank as I didn't have the funds in my account for a direct debit I never agreed to! I would love for these complaints to do something and make a change but somehow I doubt they will as I have spoken to countless amounts of people at BT and they are all very kind but ultimately USELESS!!

  • I have had the same trouble, first time went to my old address; so said i wasn't there and cancelled my account so I had to re-order with a new phone number and NEW 18 month contract. I had already used months on the old account they closed without authorisation. Second intillation appointment they didn't turn up.I finally got broadband 12 weeks after moving. I have recently found out I had two account numbers and two phone numbers both to the same address and my name, so I told them to cancel the wrong one (that had £256 charges on there somehow) and they have now stopped all services I was receiveing from them. BT are disgusting in the way they treat their customers , it's almost as if it's a practical joke. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong, has.

  • When I complained to BT, I actually got a phone call back from Ian Livingstone!

    He said that he found it 'hard to believe' I was making the accusations about BT, and that he had statistics to prove the customer service was excellent!!!

    Unbelievably arrogant and naive – totally unaware of the situation on the ground and the pressure the customer service team faces.

    I only wanted to move a line from one premises to another, but in the end had to be without any telecommunications at all for three weeks!

    During which time I was still being charged line rental.


  • harlow eaton

    i am a new bt customer i phoned bt for new phone line and broadband they charged me 50 pound connection fee witch i paid on the phone they gave me a appointment for bt engineer to come to my house they said they could not install me that day due the postion of the bt pole i rang up and order a new appointment 3 weeks later bt gave me then on the day the bt engineer never turn up i phoned bt and they said all i could do was book another appointment in another 3 weeks time 9 weeks in total just to put a phone line in one house

  • Hey ive had these situations more than once where ive had to call the police because engineers have got abusive.!!..yes they rarely turn up for an appointment !!!turn up when they are not schedueled..!!!.and try to threaten their way into my home!..They wer suspected of trying to gain unlawfu enrty to my home knowing i would be on holiday this was admitted by b.t!!!..and yes they have refused to how i.d on more than one occasion.!!!..and turned up with no identifying clothing…!!! .oh nd yes b.t will back them up if they do all these things…and try to keep the customer quiet with nasty letters thru the door!..beware of b.t and open reach who assume the law does not apply to them!

  • over 2 years ago i arranged to have a bt line to my adress we waited in all day and they never came when we called them they said we would have to pay over a hundred pounds to have the conection so we cancelled months later i found out they had been trying to take money from my bank leaving me with charges i could not afford to pay i have sent lots of recorded delivery letters and made no end of calls i have had some of the money paid back but they still owe me hundreds and are now refusing to pay please can anyone help

  • Hi, it's Jess here, who posted the original complaint on the engineer not turning up three times. I eventually got my line changed, it took about 2-3 months in which time my business had no phone or broadband. The most I could get out of BT was reimbursement of all charges and a £100 credit. Frustrating a I had no way of knowing how much business I lost in addition to this as we were a new business at the time.

    I wonder how the owners of this site are getting on if you've made any progress with BT, and how the people who have commented have progressed? BT really are a disgrace.

    Hope this gets somewhere!

    Jess Stephenson

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