BT doesnt cancel my service even though i have requested and keeps charging me for services not used

Submitted by Soummya in November 2016

BT Services only know to TROUBLE customer

I switched to BT from other providerfor TV,broadband ,phone and just on the day installation engineer didnt turn up. Hence I cancelled the service same day. When I cancelled I was told not to pay anything since the service was not even installed.

Since that day every single day they call me to send their Engineer for installation. Every day I used to say same day that I have cancelled the service and I used to get response that it takes 4-5 working days to cancel the service. They even send me a month billing for services which I haven’t used .When I called to ask about the bill they told me its an error and you can cancel your direct debit.

After 5 days when the services was not cancelled I called again and they said there was some error in cancelling and gave me order id of that error and assured me that services will get cancelled in 3 working days . Today I missed their call when they called me. I called them to ask if they closed my account they confirmed it will be done by monday and for confirmation also send me email saying its cancelled and I don’t owe them anything.


They even said its written in your termination condition but i have gone through Termination condition. It clearly says below line: When you may end a Service You may end this Agreement for a Service: (a) if you cancel the Service during your Cooling Off Period as set out in Paragraph 5. In this case you won’t have to pay early termination charges in accordance with Paragraph 13;

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  • I am having a major problem with BT we transferred our business to a company called ICS LTD who told us that they would sort out the cancellation with BT .That didn’t happen and I am currently paying for 2 services. So I called BT and asked for a termination on the account I was told that I would have to pay a full and final bill of just under £400 to terminate the contract which I agreed too. We have 3 line numbers and where currently on Cloud phones. the cloud phones simply did not work as the internet was not strong enough we complained time and time again but just got fobbed off each time so when ICS called us and told us of there so called seamless transition we jumped. I have been receiving bills from BT each month so last month May I called and asked why I was still receiving bills to my surprise they said that the account had not been paid and there was no record of me ever cancelling the account. BT are common thieves that have a system that is designed not to let you out of the greedy hooks. today 20.06.2017 I have received a bill for my Cloud phones. so once again sat in line for 33 minutes before someone spoke to me and again said that the account is still active. the good news is the broadband is cancelled but the cloud phones that run from the system are not!!!!!!. I can only assume BT do not understand how cloud phones work!!!. once again I am left holding my anger in check to try and get away from BT. I know that I am going to have to pay every bill that they send to me as they will destroy my line of credit . I do believe that BT are such a large beast the left hand dosent care what the right is doing because there are no consequences to BT. There needs to be some kind of movment against BT an uprising that calls them in to question for consquencial loss . I have still on the phone 59 minutes in to someone trying to see why this is happening and not really being able too as they can only pass me on to the next hapless customer service person

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