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Here is the latest BT Customer Service complaint I have received.

Dear BT,
How I would I start this letter I don’t know, if you ever had a dissatisfied customer and wrote a complain letter in. First thing I would like to know is what is the procedure to deal with it.

15 January
I rang B.T at 6.10pm put an order down to come back to B.T provider I was satisfied by one of your customer service person that my line will be changed in 5/7 working days so I was happy with that.

19 January
I made the second call to B.T providers to let them know they have changed my number, so kindly can you change my new number to the old one I was told from this person
BT can do this in 5 working days taking all my details and putting my order through.

26 January
I contacted B.T again to ask why it was taking so long – he started taking my details and told me there was no order placed so I need to place a new order to bring my old number back with B.T.

I was very angry at this time but still I made a new order and told BT I need the old number back as soon as possible because I have home business that only runs through internet so please treat my order very urgently. I was told I would not have to contact the BT department again as my order will be dealt with ASAP.

2 February
I made another call to B.T asking why is my order taking so long to take place and I would like to speak to a BT Line Manger. I spoke to the Line Manger in the BT complaints department and went through all the details again. They told me I would have to wait a few more days as my order has been placed and they are waiting for the number released from the other company so I was fine by that few more days – “that’s it” he said.

11 February
I made 5th call concerning change of my number. I told BT to put me through to complaint department – by this time I was sick and tired of putting new orders in every time I called the B.T department as I have mentioned at the starting of my letter I have a home business running through my internet.

I take all new orders so I need internet running all the time, cutting the story short, I hard very harsh words with the customer services person in complain department as I was very upset, so 1.45 min to this call to complain department he told me that every thing will be done by Friday 13 February just call back in the morning on this number 0800 800 313 and talk to customer option team tell them that you are putting new order in.

13 February
I made a call at 8.15am just before I leave for work. I told BT the entire scenario and told her word for word what their Line Manger had told me to say. First response she told me was “this is not possible – it doesn’t work like that”.

I asked why not, it’s your manger I am talking about who said every thing is fine know so deal with it – I got same answer again – no its not possible it take at least 7 working days to deal with this kind of order – I was really upset about this and I put the phone down as I was getting late for work.

So I hope you read this email and reply back to me and I request you not to say sorry to me because you’re sorry doesn’t help to bring my business back and the damage that it has caused me the loss that I have to go through the problems that I have faced – I am a 9/5 working class mother with 2 children.

I just hope you learn your lesson and stop messing about with people like me who have been with BT for last 5 years. Please give more training to your BT staff on customer service please.

A very unsatisfied BT customer.

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  • When I read your complaint it was like reading a copy of the one I am about to send to the Complaints department of BT.

    BT cut of my phone line at the beginning of February and I have fought for 3 weeks so far to get my line up and working and my orginal phone number back. I now have a working phone line but I am still waiting for my number to be changed back to my orginal number that they cut me off from.

    I have spoke to 8 people so far and have been assured everytime that would finally be my problem fixed and it would be 2-3 days to completion. I really wish it had been that easy.

    They also had the cheek to send me another phone bill when I had just paid one for the next 3 months rental.

    From another very unsatisfied BT customer.

  • Can I advise anyone who has a problem with BT to contact Otelo and logged a complaint with them. After 4 months and around 30 phone calls, enough is enough. I will not waste anymore of my time calling them. I had to wait 4 weeks to be connected when I moved in, have had my direct debit cancelled by them and then charged a late payment fee, they have cut off my phone line, they have taken too much money out of my account and still insist I owe them money. Their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with.

    I will only deal with them via Otelo or my lawyer. I advise other people to do the same and maybe when enough people complain and take action the regulators will hit them with big fines. It is the only language they understand.

  • I feel just the same, written to old customer service director, and twice to the new one.
    They don’t care, they have worked out how many people they can upset commercially.
    I’m going to the Registered office
    Newgate St, London, and see what happens.

  • i ahave one of your mobiles and they have sent me a bill for146.80p because they disconected it which i was unaware of i dont think i should pay this bill as i never used the mobile never had a bill my broad band got cut off but my land line was still on they never told me that the mobile would get cut off now i have oaid the bill that i owed the wiich was about 75 pounds so why should i pay it when they never told me it would be cut hope we can reolve this matter thanks mr rory strange

  • I need to get this off my chest.

    I have never experienced such awful customer service in my life.

    I had to speak to 15 people at BT to get my outside phone line moved.

    I then got a bill which was £194 more than the quote.

    I have tried and tried to find out what they are charging me for.

    I paid my phone bill but not the charge for moving the line.

    I have been disconnected and reconnected twice – sent numerous Emails – made loads of phone calls but cannot get to the bottom of it.

    This morning I had a call from them saying they had deducted £44 from my bill!!!
    I don’t think so – The £44 was the amount that I paid them!!!!!

    I would be better off asking my three year old granddaughter to sort out the problem.

    Now— there’s an idea.

  • I've got a good one.

    I have the old BT Openworld 2mb broadband and wanted something quicker. I decided to switch everthing to SKY.

    I called BT for the MAC code and they gave me a pressured sales call but ended up matching the SKY offer of £15 per month. So i agreed to it to save hassle. BIG MISTAKE!

    They sent me the equipment on the day the line was due to go live. At 1am, by existing BT broadband line was disconnected. Aghh!! I tried to use the new one; no joy. I spent the whole day on the phone to them and they assured me the line would be active by midnight.

    It still did not work this morning. I called India – they said their is no broadband active no the line. Every other department was unable to help me.

    So i called the number that you use to request a MAC code. The woman said that i have only just ordered it – why cancel? I said because you lot are useless and unless i can get the line active "NOW" i am off. So she did some digging and came back to say that the new line was activated yesterday and then immediately cancelled again "for some reason".

    I remained calm. Said "OK, please activate it then". She said "OK, it will take 7 days".

    I work from home a lot. Luckily my IT guys have now leant me a 3g thingy while we get an alternative supplier organised. My company spends over 30K a year on calls with BT. Not any more….

  • "When I read your complaint it was like reading a copy of the one I am about to send to the Complaints department of BT."


    I am just copy pasting the first comment in this thread, because I too have had the same problem with BT.

    Looks like they don't care about the quality of the service they are providing.

    They will not survive with this attitude…

  • I hope they dont survive. My complaint has been with Otelo since march this year and although they are spost to be impartial they are not. Best bet is to vocally shame BT to everybody lost account and revenue may make them look at there appalling customer service.

  • Yes I am in the same boat as all the other guys – words are hard to find to express the fustration – we moved house and 6 weeks later and waiting in for 3 visits not to mention the phone calls which they haven't replied too we still have no service- I am reliant on the phone and internet for my buisness it goes beyond poor service it is negliglant and I feel like sueing them

  • Can i suggest the person who has suggested customers contact otelo if they cannot get anywhere with b.t is a good idea..yes i feel it may help some people however otelo were completely..useless in my case…..i had contacted otelo myself and was informed that they are unable to force b.t to comply with them, otelo stated they however cannot guarantee that b.t will co-operate..i was unable to get serious issues resolved as otelo were unable to get b.t to agree to co-operate and that otelo cannot touch open reach as they are exempt from otelos authority…so i aks who does open reac answer to?..i thibk some sort of body needs to be set up so that open reach can actually be monitored…you will find b.t will refuse to co-operate with b.t so they either cannot be prosecuted or cannot be reoprted…otelo had informed me they will certainly try to get out of it..otelo will only inform the customer that no further assistance can be given if b.t does not co-operate or on some occasions only your evidence can be used….usually its a stalemate.Really otelo do not help and ive found that they are very very poor at what they do..and fail to take into account both sides.
    If you are lucky enough to be very very rich then exposing b.t for what they are is an option..if you are not rich you have
    to lie down and take it like.Did you know otelo only monitor what each party has said and then will encourage them to sort it out between themselves?.. so you find the whole process with b.t starts over again..otelo cannot make any judgement and cannot decide if a complaint has been handeled correctly…all they can do is try to get b.t and the customers on amicable terms.It seem that whatever happens no one can touch either open reach or b.t and this is how their profits grow and their practices get worse.

  • After reading the above comments i now realise i am not alone! After being a bt customer for years i was persuaded to come back to BT for cheaper, faster better broadband: WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! Please do not listen to any sales pitch. I received no broadband whatsoever, just a statement of which i had made no calls at that time. Imade a complaint but again nothing happened! then i received another bill with an added cancellation charge! After making many calls and complaints to investigate i received a final reminder and debt collection letter! Therefore eventually paid £87.34 for 1 and a half months of NOTHING!!! PLEASE do NOT sign up to BT especially over the 'phone!!!

  • never agree to switch to B.T when cold called by a B.T. salesperson
    The deal you agree to will never be honoured .
    What you expect and what you get in the end is as remote as sand in the
    north pole .
    The end game is for you to pay more and B.T. to sell sell sell.

  • Ok where do I start, about 2 years ago I took out broadband at work, phone B.T business and got under way, I paid extra to get one of there guys out to set up the router and wireless connection etc. and show the staff how it all works. They may have well sent out a monkey (the guy couldn't even set up the connection, I had to show him myself) a bit worrying considering I don't now a great deal about computers.
    Anyway I sent him on his way and set it up myself and showed the staff how it all works.
    It all worked ok for about 6 months then the speed got so slow that I had to phone up to see what the problem was, I was told that there was a fault and that it would be repaired, emmmm!!! anyway we struggled on with a connection just a bit better than standard dial up.
    So I phone again and the same again, again, again, this went on for 8 months.
    About 2 months ago finally I got to talk to some that was by accident was being honest, he said that even though B.T had recommended this line for Broad band that it was so slow that it was not fast enough to even worth having.
    So they recommend that one of the four lines they supply in to the company would be ok, considerably faster
    So we run with this in hope of actually getting what we have paid for throughout the last year.
    So they said in four days they would change over the line.
    2 Weeks later we were still waiting, so I phoned up, they were e-mailing at work even though I had already told them that I could not receive mail on the line they had supplied as it had stopped working completely and gave them my home address so as I could receive feed back from home, you think the fact that the fault is their problem that they may actually realize this?
    3 weeks later they got an engineer out to check the line and gear up the for the big change over.
    We have now arrived on the day of broadband connection and alas the broadband light wont stop flashing….. so I phoned them to report the fault even though they had not only recommended the line that did not work they had obviously not checked it properly.
    2 days later I phoned and they said that the fault had not been reported, so I reported it again, and made a complaint to the area manager and she was meant to phone me back, apparently she was phoning on the broken line even though I had given the correct number to phone on.
    So I phone again this time they give me an appointment for the next day for an engineer to attend to make the repair. We heard nothing, so I phone again, and the guy had been out to mend the fault but had forgot to come in and tell us, but it should now work. (does it hell)
    Again I get through and are given another appointment, this time he doesn't even turn up and does not phone..

    What can you do when a public limited company just walks all over like this???
    If my Landscaping company even as much as messed up once I would get sued.

  • They cut off my line when I phoned to advise that my mother had died and I wanted them to discontinue her line. Took 6 days and about 10 calls to get service back nobody seems to have any record/take any notice of any previous contact- had to tell the same story and be put on hold every time.BT also cancelled my phone charging with Pipex without telling me and without consent and have sent a second bill within 3 weeks of one having been paid saying that I opened I new account(I did not). I was without a phone service at a time I really needed it yet I am being asked to pay more.Have phoned again to complain but they don't seem to be taking any notice. Looks like the same pattern as other incidents.

  • called bt six times in three weeks with a faulty phone which they promsed each time to fix within three days. The problem is on their side confirmed by BT. I am appalled as I need to keep the phone working as I care for an elderly man with dimentia who needs to be in touch with his family for obvious reasons. We will give you three days to fix this problem otherwise the telephone bill will not be paid.

  • My complaint is regarding the high number of "Cold Calling" calls that are being received, upto 5 a day, from "withheld" or "unknown number".
    Thes calls would seem to be mostly from overseas judging by the accent of the caller.
    How do these people get my number and what is BT doing to stop this problem?

  • Just like to say BT has the worest customer service i ever seen in my live, No one care about you or your complaints even if it is a business line they cancell the line and they engineer doesn't know where did they but the line they can not connect a broadband service before 1 month and they book you appointment and no one turns up, total F**k up in this company they CAN NOT get any thing done right.

  • I keep on receiving calls from BT's Helpdesk telling me they are ready to create my account. Is it a coincidence that they call right after I'm disconnected from my adsl line and this happens about 6 times per day, the disconnection not BT, that is. However, I'm called on average twice a week and have been for about 2 years and I getting really fed of this. It's usually about a Home hub setup but I'm happy to receive the crappy service from Talk talk as I know they are less crappy than a BT service, just.


  • how is it that when i phone bt regardng a problem with my internet connection , i am speaking to someone on the other side of the world who doesnt understand a word im saying(am scottish), so after an hour and half of to and fro am still no futher forward in getting things resolved. all i want is to be able to speak to someone in the uk, who actually understands what am saying and i understand them.How difficult is that????

  • After numerous calls, We are still no further on. My 72 year old mum, is nearly £400 in credit. She requested a reimbursement and has been given the run around. I have spoken to them and still got no further on.
    My mum explained to them that she didn't have a bank account and would they credit my account, they said they would but I had to set up a Bank debit with them to enable them to credit it. We did this somewhat reluctantly and BT have not credited the account but have taken the debit !! Also they sent a cheque that my mum cannot cash. Anyone got any Advice?

  • My telephone line is very bad – this is due to almost constant interference. I reported the fault but the line to the Indian call centre was perfectly clear and I was told there was no problem.Most of my calls are to numbers in the UK and that is where the problem is so I want the line checked in this country. I have spent a long time trying to get this done and have found the BT staff unhelpful,rude and unpleasant.

  • I am fed up with BT. I took out 2 telephone lines with them for my business. The business didnt work out, so i closed the business. I cancelled the lines and had to pay 2 big fees for terminating the contract early.

    I paid the fees and all the final bills. I fought that was the end of it. Now, 6 months later, BT are sending debt collectors letters to a different address, in my name, for the telephone number which i cancelled. How on earth can they do that. The phone number is nothing to do with me any more, and they are sending bills to an address i have never even been to or heard of. Ofcom and trading standards here i come.

  • sounds bad, but i am so glad I am not the only one banging my head against a brick wall with B.T. I phoned to cancel the I.T internet problems in July, customer service didn't like that, had a bit of an argument, and warned if I used my phone in the next 6 days my direct debit would go up, even though I was £66 pounds in credit, fast forward to October, the I.T. bit had not been cancelled, I was £171.00 in credit and they had had put my direct debit up! when I qestioned this and said I want my money back…..suprise suprise, computer wouldn't work, so made them put me through to some-one else, eventually they agreed to pay it into my account within 5 days, + £40 for bank charges which I occured, also a duplicate copy of bill…was agreed no charge, fast forward 2 weeks, £171.00 refunded, nothing else, so phoned up again, said I wanted the £40, was told its not there policy to put it in my bank account, it goes on the bill, queired the I.T bit, not policy to cancel it in the middle, and on next bill I noticed a charge of £4.70 for duplicate bill, which I NEVER recieved, so I consider it right not to pay it, as I didn't get it, was told in no uncertain terms that I will have a debt collector round then…..I asked them to prove they sent it, their answer…..They have it noted down!!!!! In total agreement in above, about to contact ofcom and watchdog!

  • After telling BT I was sick of them and writing to say a new company would be taking over my line in one month and I would be cancelling my direct debit after this and leaving BT, my line was cut off immediately. I rechecked my letter and I had been very clear that I still wished to remain with BT until the transfer took place and, as I'm charged for the month in advance had already paid for the month in any case. Anyway, I was practically crying when I found out as I work from home and no line means no internet which takes 10 working days to reconnect. The Indian call centre said it would be a week to get my phone reconnected and then another day to get my old number back. After calling the UK call centre they said tehy would action this the same day and I was then told my line was working again. Well the line is not fully working again. I've now been told my equipment must be at fault (Indian call centre again) and the remedy is to get an engineer out which costs £127. Again I am extremely upset, I'm losing so much money as it is. The guy suggested I get an engineer from the phone book as this would be 'substantially cheaper' than BT's engineer. Does this not then imply that BT are grossly ripping people off with this service??? In any case I think it unlikely that my equipment has suddenly failed, more likely that I have not been reconnected properly and BT if you are reading this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconnect me ASAP. This is costing so much in lost business and I am so upset.

  • As a BT employee, I feel really sorry for all the people who have taken the time to write these complaints.Unfortunately, BT's Senior Managers are not in the least interested in the "customer experience" any longer. They are treating all of their employees with total contempt,have introduced a new method of "managing performance" which has resulted in a completely de-motivated workforce who are not going to go the extra mile for their customers, and the customers are leaving BT in droves. Our Customer Satisfaction results are getting worse by the month, and this will continue until the management wake up and see the damage their new Performance Management methods are causing to the workforce, and the knock-on effect this is having. This was introduced 2 years ago and the Customer Satisfaction has gradually declined since then.

  • I had placed an order for the BT vision package,when placing the order i was told i could keep my original number which i was happy about as i run a business from home.A week later i recieved my hardware, router didgy box ect i thought this looks promising thats where i was WRONG!!
    i received a call from a confused customer service person telling me that my new number had been issued and i could connect my equipment,I then told him i was not expecting a new number and i was infact speaking to him on my original number to which he replied "you must have 2 lines connected"what rubbish this was,in fact the problem was that i was waiting for my number to be ported from my current provider to BT.
    After reading all these bad stories it made me realise i could be opening a massive tin of worms so therefore ive CANCELLED my order!!!

  • I sympathise I have the same problem, what was supposed to be a straightforward change of provider back to bt turns out to be a nightmare, my problem is it's not yet finished and am on my fourth cancellation/aplication
    BT certainly need to get their act together. On the eleventh hour I get told my number has to change or my order has been rejected.

  • i ahave one of your mobiles and they have sent me a bill for146.80p because they disconected it which i was unaware of i dont think i should pay this bill as i never used the mobile never had a bill my broad band got cut off but my land line was still on they never told me that the mobile would get cut off now i have oaid the bill that i owed the wiich was about 75 pounds so why should i pay it when they never told me it would be cut hope we can reolve this matter thanks mr rory strange

  • bt are incapable and have started to run ceruptly thay have taken money out of my bank and our finall bill has been paid thay have no recolection of this being payed t but i have never been happy with there services as we had fault after fault and hours on the phone to them after a hard days work .thay falsley put us on a new contract without telling us saying we phoned them when we didnt when we persued this thay eventually said it was there fault i am not paying anything more to them as thay are providing a faulty service and wanting paying for it which is more like theft.

  • So having sat on the phone for over 40 minutes being told how important I am and that "we are really busy right now", I finally spoke to a real person! My joy was extremely short lived as I realised the BT customer service rep could only appologise and actually had no real power, inclination, ability? To help in any way. Now 55 minutes further on and having been put on hold again, I am a Sky customer. They answer the phone sooner and are flexable when dealing with a problem. You could learn alot BT.MY £1000 a year custom will not be yours! Leave BT, they don't have the monopoly any more, find a provider that actually cares!

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