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Dear BT Complaint

I have been trying to set up a reasonable direct debit for my BT line and broadband for about 3 months. They tried to increase my monthly payment from £23.50 to over £40. Even though my usage of the phone is NIL, and by me paying over £40 would put me in CREDIT, they weren’t interested.

I have complained 3 times now and was actually told by BT a month ago that I could pay £30 a month, they would set up a new DD and sorry and not to worry. They rang me by the way.

I have just gone online to see what date the first direct debit will come out and find a bill dated 5/8/11 which needs to be paid by the 15th August and charging me £113 due in one amount and also charging me for not paying by direct debit. There is also an £18 disconnection charge from when I first complained !!

So not even an email to say there was a bill for me to view.

I am so angry with BT. They really don’t care about their customers.

All this has an impact on my credit rating and yet all I want to do is pay my bill by direct debit and not pay stupid money for something I don’t use.

Pauline Macdonald

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  • I know how Pauline feels .I moved house not long ago and was told by BT that I would only have to pay £6 postal charges if I up graded and took out new 24 month contract with a saving of £102.70. To my suprise when I checked my on line bill I had been charged £129.97 ,So rang BT 4 times with a promise to be rung back ,which never happened .On my 5th ph call I refused to let them ring back and by the end of the call that everything had been sorted and BT would only take out £22.70 AND NO WAY WERE THEY TAKING OUT THE OTHER £102.70 . This to me is stealing my money out of my account.If I tried that I would be arrested on fraud charges.I have spoke to 2 people today and waiting for a English manager to ring me .I feel like ringing the police as BT have stolen off me or at the least commited fraud . VERY VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I cancelled BT landline and broadband – why pay for service delivering slow (rural) speeds, fuzzy voice, etc. and went to Vodafone PAYG crystal clear speech where I control bill & Three's mobile broadband who said they had set up my Direct Debit in 'welcoming' 24 month contract letter. After 3 month one-sided conversation demanding Three take the monthly DD, saw lawyer who said "You're wasting time and money – just pay their admin fees, etc. They couldn't care as all firms offer deliver same poor customer service and brush off complaints individually. Communications Ombudsman! So as they are above Contract Law, will write to…….God?

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