BT Digital Vault Problems

This is a complaint about the BT Digital Vault service and the problems experienced by a customer recently who’s files mysteriously disappeared. BT Digital Vault is an online storage service which allows customers to safely store important or large files like photos or videos without the need for expensive hard drives or disks. 

Dear BT

I’ve been paying for the 50gb digital vault service and using the auto back up facility. My Lap top died in Feb 2012 but I wasn’t worried, all my files were safely backed up…..or so I thought.

Laptop repaired, I tried to restore from my vault but after downloading a handful of files it kept failing. I contacted BT. A member from the technical back-up team remotely accessed my lap top and spent 5 hours trying to download my files without success. The problem was then referred to the US developers of the digital vault system and again my lap top was remotely accessed and a number of changes made to facilitate the download. I tried again, same problem, failing after downloading a few files.

Over the last few months I have downloaded files as and when I needed them. However, a couple of weeks ago I went to the vault to retrieve only to find it was allegedly empty. When I accessed the actual vault online it still says I have used 37gb and there are files in there but I can see that a lot of files have disappeared.

I have just contacted BT to ask them if they can restore the information that was in the vault when I originally tried to do the full restore in Feb. I’m not holding my breath.

This has taken up an enormous amount of my time. Not least having to go through the rigmarole of many phone calls from various BT departments who simply ring to say they have been handed my complaint and will get back to me within a time frame and going through my security details over and over again.

BT claims that your files are safe and secure which is not true. I do not anticipate that my files will be recovered and I will have to take legal action against BT.

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  1. Why is Digital Vault not Apple Mac compatible? That rules quite a few of us out! Surely BT can cater for mac users these days?

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