BT Dialing Tone Problem – Another Complaint

Here is yet another complaint regarding BT lines and BT customer service. If anyone has any information that could help with this complaint then please leave a comment underneath.

Dear Sir

I had a problem with my line over two weeks ago and spoke to an agent in a call center. I was advised that before I call out an engineer I check that the problem is not with my equipment. I was asked to plug a corded phone into the test socket and if there was still no dialing tone, then the problem did not lie with me.

I did this and spoke to an agent again and explained that there was still no dialing tone. She told me that the the problem was not mine and that she would arrange an engineer visit. An engineer came and said there was a problem with the line and he would need to fix it. At no point did he mention any costs would be liable to me. I of course thought that because I had been told it was not my problem then there would be no costs.

I then came home form work the following week to find a bill for over £300 and I obviously thought this was a mistake. I telephoned and explained my situation and got passed around many people and eventually some one took my details and sent an email to the correct people on my behalf.

I heard nothing about this for several days and then come home to a curt answer phone message saying that I have to pay. I have emailed back saying that I would like to speak to somebody because I had been assured that it was not my fault and therefore I was not liable for the costs of repair.

I find it really frustrating and scary that I cannot speak to somebody regarding this and I am really worried about this bill in the current economic climate.

Please can you look into this for me and ideally reassure me that I will not have to pay this bill as I had been told I would not.

Yours with much hope

Nigel Bennett

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  • Hi Nigel
    I have currently refereed my similair complaint to otello. I reported my fault over the internet and the site advised me that they would investigate the problem. I was never advised that I could be charged! sevral days later whilst at work i was called by a BT engineer who was at my property saying he needed to test the internal line. I instructed him to my key holder and thats the last I heard!!. No engineers report was left. 2 months later i recieved like you a bill for £213.00 hew was in my property for 1 min! and did nothing except test the line. Like you I phoned BT and was told that this often happenede whrn faults are reportedf over the internet and that she didnt have the authority to credit the charges but would refer it to someone higher. this person did not return my call and in dsepration I e mailed the CEO ( waste of time) another job lot on the complaints team harrassed us on a sat evening to tell us like you that it was all our own fault and that she would mail us what we had filled in. She sent an e mail with BT sheets that I nhad never seen before. You have to agree on these sheets to 213.00 charges before you can proceed who in there right mind would agree to this!!! ? The engineers report ( which we have never seen is also tantiment to fraud as what she describes did not occur!
    Following this this customer jobsworth put our complaint straight into deadlock and will not discuss it further. We still hvent seen any evidence from BT and have reffered the case to Otello and changed to cable. After being a BT customer for 25 years I could never consider using BT again.
    Nigel take this to the top and to the office of fair trading and national newspapers they are extorting money from us. I hope they go under!

  • Dawn.
    I too had exactly the same situation as Nigel and now are threatening to cut me off but also denying all knowledge of a checque payment to them in January 2009.
    Every time I speak to customer services there is a lack of communication and language problem which results instead of putting me to the line manager just putting the phone down. Customer services -I think not better described as ignorant downright rude services. Obviously because they are such a big company they feel that they can rip off and abuse the loyalty of customers. I can’t even have cable though as it is not available in my area. If I didn’t have broadband I wouldn’t even bother.

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