BT cut off my mothers phone

Submitted by Jonathan in November 2016

My mother changed from BT to the post office and then had the nerve to change her mind and come back. BT accepted her back and opened a new account and then promptly closed the account and disconnected her without warning.

She only found out when the phone did not work. She had to go to a neighbours at 9.00 at night and it took three hours to get through to anyone, indeed the first person she spoke to asked her to ring back as he was finished for the day !!! Eventually she found someone who worked his overtime to set up the account but it would take 7 days to re connect her.

On her behalf, I have spent an hour pleading with a call centre asking for some help as she is elderly, lives alone and has a heart condition. Eventually I spoke to a line manager who was very rude, blamed the post office and then refused to do anything as ‘this is not how it works’. He said he felt no embarrassment at what had happened and there was no one who could help.
Thanks BT !!!!!!!

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