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Yet another business conned into signing up to website advertising service by BT Customer Street. This service by BT is well documented as being a total waste of money.  

Dear BT Complaints

Oh dear, I fear my husband has been had! A confirmation letter arrived in this mornings post for a direct debit set up for BT Customerstreet. I hadn’t realised that my husband, who runs a small plumbing business, had entered into an agreement to pay £280 up front + £39.00 per month for 12 months for internet advertising. 
He had recently had the opportunity to advertise high profile locally (all l his work is local, he has no intention of going “global” – infact heading the other way towards retiring have 40 years in the business) for a fraction of the cost, so I was surprised and horrified at what he had spent. 
He is a “technophobe” so I was very surprised that he had been drawn in to this type of advertising, but I now realise he was the ideal “customer” for what appears to be complete sharks. 
My immediate reaction on recieving the confirmation letter was suspicion so grabbed the lap top to search the net for his website, initially to see how easy it would be for potential customers to find his business and suspicions confirmed when I failed to find his site at all, but instead felt immediately sick to the stomach to discover BT Customer Street Complaints.

Is there no way out of this quagmire? As we have only just received the confirmation letter, is there a way of stopping the direct debit now? The thought of paying out all this money for one year (and will there be further problems when cancelling the contract in a year’s time) is sickening.

Our daughter runs a very successfull nail bar, locally and although she has her own website. I will be immediately e-mailing her to warn her of this pitfall that she could so easily be sucked into. I feel really sorry for my husband, who after 40 years in the business, for the first time has been taken in by a conman – he is mortified.

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  • Hello. I have been a victim of these sharks. I paid the £353 plus £70.38 a mth. I was promised 1st page on Google. The Advertising people from Google phone me to say that this was wrong and that they BTcs) were on the 1st page when you Googe them but then you have to follow there links to get to your page. When they send you the results of how you doing it gives there hits to their site not yours. I finally stopped paying because business folded but they still want there money. The google rep said that if you inform them that trading standards are going to investigate because you believe you have been missold a product then they back off. If you did not sign the agreement which I did not then verbal is not binding company to company. I intend to fight them for what is owing in the small claims court.
    Please be aware of some ofter scams. Example: We can get you into the area fire/recue/police/ambulance quarterly magazine for ex£ or some such publication. Most of these publications are free to advertise in. My area they have tried to stop this themselves twice, succesfully but they open up another dummy front and caryone. Not satisfied with that each company will phone you up in such away as you think your talking to the same people and they are getting you to increase your commitment but you are agreeing to a new agreement so you end up with 4 bills. If you paid up front there and then well you loose al your money. I did not but still lost £700. Matchmaker Marketing, Wienstien and Williams Imperial Media and I forget the other one. SO BEWARE.

  • BT Customerstreet are gonna be exposed!! I’ve been told by someone involved that a manager reported them all for ripping us all of. His bosses tried to get rid of him so he’s taking them to tribunal from 20th June for a week at Manchester this year to name and shame them!!! Whats really good is hes recorded them and has the calls to prove they lied. If u want to see how they got away with screwing us all over do what we are and go along and show some support!!!

  • I called BT to move ADSL from one to another at the same site. They sent a confirmation as a new order, so I called them and was informed that it's their internal process which send out these orders, so not to worry the broadband will be moved. Today, I received confirmation by email and sms, congratulating that the service is active. BUT INSTEAD OF MOVING THE SERVICE I NOW HAVE TWO BROADBAND IN THE OFFICE. Doubling my charges and doing good for their share price.

  • csm plumbing and heating were approached by Edward Lynsey of BT CUSTOMERSTREET selling his package and a huge demand and a guarantee for plumbers in our area. I will guarantee you work he said.
    We paid £450.00 plus vat and £99.00 every month plus vat.
    we paid 2 months and have now cancelled the direct debit.

    The only call we received was for a guy looking for a job?

    Where are the sales? Really let down by this company and we are going to do some of our own investigations. Recommendation is not to go with ANY COMPANIES WHO ARE COLD SELLING BY TELEPHONING YOU, THIS IS NOW OUR SECOND COMPANY WHICH HAS LIED TO US.

  • I recently cancelled my account with BTcs and can tell you that it was not a good experience working with them. Not only did they lie about my webpage, which could have got me fined or a prison sentance I have had to endure a number of private phone calls from a member of staff making rude, agressive and suggestive remarks relating to 'being sexually frustrated' abuse every time.
    Just how sad and un-professional can one company be!?

  • My company freeflow property services ltd was also ripped off by customer street, they are theives!


    customer street work force- hope you all die.

  • jf winter building services harrogate
    customer street sold me a website for over £1000,00
    plus £32.00 per month after 10 montsh i had not recieved one contact
    i cancelled and paid up,i was told the website was mine and i could access it whenever i wanted but i have had no luck finding it,
    my advice is to stay well clear of customer street they are a
    not very truthful in the way they deal with you

  • Beware of BT Customer Street they miss sold to me. They told me they could make my web page a lot better than the one I had. What they didn't tell me is that it would come under a different name. After assuring me it would be okay I never thought about it again until this year when I kept on getting calls saying you owe us money for hosting your web page. I have come to realise I am paying BT and BT Customer Street for the same page. I have asked BT Customer Street to refund me which of course they are refusing to do. When some one says they will make something you already have much better you expect it to be that and not to change into a different packager altogether. I do not want anything to do with this company and all I want is my web page which I paid for. They should not be able to call themselves BT Customer Street because we are fooled into thinking we are safe. Far from it. I now am in a position whereby I pay 2 companies or loose my web page or send everything over to BT Customer Street which I am not prepared to do as I now do not trust them. Help what do I do. On top of that I was told by someone who knows about web pages that mine is crap and the one I did on my own was much better. They put a picture at the top which is the same on all pages so customers would not know they are on another page unless they scroll down. If anyone has had any success please let me know what to do. Do I take them to court. I paid nearly £1.000
    Complete rip off most certainly got miss sold

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