BT Customer Services – UK call centre please!

Many complaints received on this site concern BT customer services and calling a call center in India, not UK. In the insurance sector, almost one in five consumers shopping around for the best insurance deals would pay more to know that their chosen cover provider`s call centre was based in the UK, according to a new study.

When choosing an insurer, 78% of those surveyed by YouGov said that UK-based call centres influenced their choice, with consumers preferring to speak to someone in this country rather than someone abroad.

And the preference is not a passive one, with almost a quarter (23%) of respondents revealing that they actively look for insurers with UK-based call centres.

Of the 2,229 adults surveyed, 18% said that they would be happy to pay a higher premium if they could be assured that a company`s call centre representatives were all based in the UK.

Meanwhile, where there was no difference in premiums, 38% said that they would choose the provider with a UK-based call centre. Just 13% said the location of the insurer’s call centre was irrelevant.

Richard Widdas, an insurance partner at Deloitte who commissioned the poll, said: “Consumers clearly feel strongly that they prefer dealing with UK-based call centres and insurers need to take this on board.”

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