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Having successfully signed up to BT Unlimited Anytime Plan I find that I cannot access my BT Account despite presenting the problem by telephone to six customer services technicians over the course of the past 10 days.

In each case the Customer Service operator promised to email me (in one case post me) a password. None of these arrived. Only one email actually reached my pc and this contained merely a form which required a pin after entering my mother’s name. I do not have a pin number and cannot obtain one.

When I try to sign in to obtain a password I am told (in red) that my email address is not mine – it belongs to someone else! I am completely ar a loss as to what to do. I can get through to the Customer Services Department and they try to help but it appears that I can receive standard emails but not one generated with a password I can change and use.

It does seem a shame that after all the work put in to transfer to BT Unlimited Anytime Plan I shall be unable to use it from when it commences on 2nd June 2010. This transfer was not without it’s problems as I have two telephone lines – one carries Redcare so cannot be used for broadband and the other carries the broadband. This is further complicated by the fact that one account is in my name and the other in that of my wife and I am told that this cannot be changed.

The final Customer Services operative managed to send me a ‘handmade’ email today to test the service but he said he could not give me a password as this had to be generated as a separate arrangement for security reasons. After about 1 1/2 hours on the ‘phone he advised me to contact BT Home IT Advisor which I might try in desperation but I am not very hopeful with the way things are going.

This is all becoming quite ridiculous. I have spent 5 or 6 hours on the telephone to Customer Services and they can neither make the necessary arrangements nor direct me to a more senior level to report the problem. Everything seems to have to be done online – and this is supposed to be a telephone company.

I am beginning to despair and this is not asuaged by seeing the numerous similar bt complaints on the web.

I was told this Customer Services Department has 3000 operatives worldwide (Ireland to India) and my heart sinks when I am sent to India as I find the communication difficult because of the different speech patterns and I suspect that much of he time they are reading from a script.

I fear that as things are I shall not be able to have paperless billing. If I were younger I would move to another provider but I could not cope with the hassle – it might be out of the frying pan into the fire.

Carl de Winter

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