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Any notes found online regarding the BT Customer Services Director is made up personnas for example, Gillian Lewis.

For obvious reasons, this person will be inundated with complaints so their details are private.

The best way to contact BT Customer Services regarding complaint is to visit the contact BT page

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  1. BT appears to me to be a laid back company paying lip service to fantastic customer services. It’s a company that is gradually losing credibility.

  2. It is very sad that a big company like BT are misguided enough to think that their customer services is good, surely a look at the level of unhappy customers and compplaints are enough to make them want to change and keep up with ongoing competition. They need to analyse this and look at the amount of people leaving and the reasons why they are leaving and going to the competitor.

  3. BT route all customer enquiries to a call centre in India. Although the staff speak basic English they do not understand the language well enough to be able to respond in a satisfactory manner, hence I have to waste time trying to rephrase my queries in a way that they’ll understand.
    If they still can’t grasp what I’m saying they terminate the call. This is atrocious customer service. The same applies when you try to email BT. All email enquiries go to India and they either only partly respond, or they simply ignore your email completely.
    However, when BT want to SELL you something they get a UK based sales person to call you.
    We can all see through their short sighted cost saving strategies, and I for one will never, ever deal with BT again once I’ve managed to switch my Broadband to another provider. BT are a disgrace.

  4. My blood pressure 190 over 115. not joking! I am utterly at a loss with BT. Help please!!!!!!!!!you cannot comprehend the utter incompetence, and I haven,t even got an account with them, but BT won,t believe it!!!!

  5. I have finally raised a complaint to Otelo as I’m getting nowhere with BT. At last count I had 4 seperate accounts with them and no one there seems to know why. I’ve called them up 20 – 30 times and have never spoken for less than 30 minutes and often over an hour.

    I get passed for department to department and country to country. They’ve cancelled my direct debit for some reason and then charged me for late payment. They keep sending me bills and saying I owe them money. I’ve lost count of the money I’ve paid them and no one there can tell me how much I should be paying each month. Now they have cut off my phone. The last person I spoke to there said that they were going to set up my direct debit again and that I owed them no money.

    I have given up calling them and will leave it to Otelo to sort out. Never again will I use them and when my contract has finished I’m off. Terrible, terrible, terrible customer service. Without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with.

  6. I have been trying to get a refund on BT Back up since October which was when our company server went down and BT Back up did not work. I have spoken to 100 different people at BT, they all say something completely different. They are still trying to charge me for BT Back up even though we cancelled it in October. One day they say I haven’t cancelled it the next day they say we have no record of you having BT Back up.

    I can not believe that a massive comany like BT is so rubbish.
    I too will be getting out of our contract asap and finding a new more reliable provider.

  7. Not bad for BT – two hours on the phone to INDIA to get an answer – put through to 8 different departemnts including one in the Uk who put me back to INDIA who gave me yet another number (9 in total now) – do you want customers or not. What a way to run service.

  8. In February I went on the BT Website to get help in reporting a fault as my home telephone was faulty. I followed the trouble shooting tips on the website which states “Save waiting time and potential charges for unnecessary technician visits, by checking here first”.

    As I was unable to resolve the problem and had eliminated my equipment and wiring by following all of the steps I contacted BT to report the fault which was noise on the line and BT sent an engineer from Open reach.

    The engineer diagnosed the problem as a fault with the master socket and replaced it though whilst affecting the repair the engineer damaged the wires which my other telephone extensions were connected to the master socket with.

    In order for the engineer to leave all my telephones in a working state they had to extend the wires which they had damaged.

    I have subsequently been billed £99 for the repair which I consider to be unacceptable so I made a complaint though the BT website.

    When contacting your customer services I was advised that the reason that I was charged the call out charge was because the engineer repaired “extension wiring” and after making a complaint about this I spoke to someone in the investigations or complaints department who refused to reverse the charge.

    I even offered for someone to visit my property so I could demonstrate to them what work had been carried out and to show that this charge was unfairly put onto my account.

  9. Another classic case of horrendous mismanagement of a simple task which then can’t be resolved for at least 48 hours!

    My wife has just spent over an hour on the phone trying to get our number transferred to a knew house (on the same dialing code). Not only was she passed around from department to department but they managed to set up a new account on out current address. This was only realised when they went to terminate the call at which point my wife some incredulity asked how they could have done when they hadn’t asked for the new address – something she’d tried to give at least 4 times. The outcome. They have messed up but can’t cancel the transaction for 48 hours after which time she can go through it all again!!!! BT are the right initials – Bloody Terrible….

  10. We paid for the BT Digital Vault service to back up all our baby photos of our kids only for BT to callously delete our account and all our photos without telling us or giving us a chance to save them. Thier excuse was that they could not find a reason why they deleted the account so they tried to sell me the service again!!! It beggars belief that BT is allowed to treat customers this way when they know they have people locked into a contract they can’t get out of.

  11. I am at an ABSOLUTE loss as to how to register my complaint with BT,I am receiving fake e,mails about my online account,all kind of charges appearing,yet bt want my to pay online via D.D.Ijust do not know where to turn,they make it SO DIFFICULT to contact. Dennis H.

  12. I work for a web design company and we rely on ADSL for the sites we develop – unfortunately we have lost vast anounts of business and revenue due to months of slaw useless internet connections in 2 locations. Both times BT have been to blame. The phone lines they provisioned were poor quality and noisy, broadband would drop down to 200kbps down and 20kbps up making it impossible to do anything.

    Upon contacting them they would tell us they are going to do some tests and call us back only to leave us waiting for day on end for the callback. They would take our details every time we called but when they tried to call us back they would call on a random number each time, almost like they had pulled it out of the air and being a communications company just assumed that it would connect to us.

    We have had engneers sent out to us only to then go home after spending 30 seconds looking for us and failing, not calling so pissing off.

    We are currently having internet problems now and we are all stressing as we have upcomming deadlines and are unable to work – I am working till 5AM most nights from home as it is the only way I can meet the deadline.

    BT are the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working with and i urge EVERYONE to stay away if at all possible.

    All complaints have gone ignorred and they have offered us £180 compensation for the thousands lost.

    My blood boils!

    Current Speed:

  13. 5 months of hell, was asked to back into contract with bt & was promised bt vision at a reduced rate…..hmmm, ok we said and then the nightmare started….!!!!
    1st second hand vision equipment sent, then a new set after complaint, ok we thought lets get it on!!
    Bt vision no films as paid for & hardly any broadband speed, told line not fast enough after eventually getting an answer after complain, engr visit told no problem at home must be at the exchange 1 week later films appear broadband still slow.
    Now for my biggest asked to share my laptop upon they managed to remove all my microsoft programmes & then put down the phone, upon me calling back i am told my laptop is no good, so after agreeing with billing i would only pay my phone account until issues resolved, they then managed to suspend my broadband service losing me a £10,000 caravan sale, and as i pay my mortgage online on the last day of the month (suprise suprise this was the 30th of april)i was unable to pay giving me a £50.00 charge on my mortgage account for late payment which affected my credit rating which then meant as my mortgage was renewable on the 22nd of may i was unable to change products,to cut along story short 60-70 calls hours of phone time wasted over 5 months with bt.
    now with talk talk brilliant service at a fraction of the cost….good ridance to bt may there decline continue, regards Terry

  14. I have now sent 10-15 emails, have sent a letter to Nigel Stag – who i am told is Director – not sure about that though, have spoken to many differnt people all over the world – spent over 10 hours on the phone – still no broadband and now charging me for cancellation! What a terrible company BT is. I do hope that in the next year BT will be a company no-one uses anymore. I have also contacted Watch Dog and Trading Standards.

  15. I agree entirely with all the comments. BT are absolutely hopeless – you ring one number, put through to another, lines go dead etc. No notes seem to be made of the calls you have made – I was going to go with Sky for roadband and, when I spoke to a guy at BT he said if I stayed with them they would reduce my broadband charge and I would have no interruption to my service. My broadband went off after a couple of days, I have neer been off the phone & have now had to re-apply for my broadband at the full price. I am still awaiting a reply to my 2 1/2 page letter of complaint! Dreadful experience! Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  16. I rang up a few weeks to complain, a few days after an eye operation, stupid I know. I only wanted to know what my bill was as I had not had a bill since February last year. It turned out that they had decided on their own to put me onto paperless billing, a service that I cannot use due to technical problems and my poor eye sight and I am registered for Large Print Bills that have to be sent out to me. I have been ill for several months and this was the first time I could contact them. I got told to go onto the internet or to send £4.50 for the bill, each bill that is for each of the six that they owed me!

    I am on sickness and disability benefits and a limited income and registered with their disability service. This did not make sense. I then asked them why my direct debit was doubled. They did not know.

    I said I wanted copies of the bills but was not prepared to pay for them. They should be sent to me free in any case. I then discovered that my bill had gone from a max of £34.00 a quarter, and always in credit to 86.00 a month, and this for periods when I was not in the home and the property was empty for several weeks. Wonderful. The girl agreed to put my direct debit back to £25.00 a month and to send two bills out free of charge. I said I wanted the bills but I could not pay for them.

    I got cur off.

    I rang back and got sung to for an hour and then got a man called Mr Spend who claimed to be a manager and who obviously did not exist. He was abusive and swore at me down the phone. He first of all said he would send the bills out free, then that you are only allowed two bills a year free in any case, which is rubbish, and then told me I was a heavy user, which again is rubbish, as here there is only my husband and myself and we are mature people and do not spend a lot of time on the phone and then he could not tell me what bills were missing. After half an hour very confused conversation, he eventurally told me the bills that I needed and then he agreed not to charge me. Then I asked him to confirm that my bills would be £25.00 a month on the direct debit and he said who told me, and I said the girl on the previous conversation. He called me a liar and that he was putting on my record on their computers that I was a liar and that I was to be cut off if I did not pay the £4.50 for each bill and £29.00 a month. He swore at me again and cut me off.

    I have got them to admit the error of their ways but they have refused to compensate me so I am now going to OFCOM and have taken legal action against them. I only wanted £100, but now I think I will ask for more!

  17. Again another classic case of mismanagement of a simple task which they weren't interested in.

    My wife has just spent nearly an hour on the phone trying to take over the existing number at a knew house.
    Not only was she passed around from department to department but they weren't interested even though she gave them the telephone number at the new address – something she'd tried to give a few times.She originally spoke to an Indian call centre where it seems that the agents in India just read from a script and cannot handle anything that is not on it.She asked to speak to a Supervisor, after a few minutes[giving the agent chance to tell her side] the Supervisor said the Agent had informed us correctly & we couldn't take over the existing number at the new property as it was in some one elses name. We contacted the owner of the new property to explain our problem, he contacted B.T. & after an hour telephoned us to say he was told that he could not give permission for us to request the number only B.T. could. So we wrang B.T. again & after going through the sinario again, were told we could not take over the line as we had no authority. They say that as the line is existing we will have to apply for a new number & they will get the engineer to check if the line is working. The cost would be £99 & we would have to wait for a job to be raised after receiving the money. As others have stated, B.T.-Bloody Terrible….

  18. I reported my fault via> line tesr inconclusive so diverted calls to my mobile. At no stage did I get through to have you tried this or schedule engineer visit or agree charges. BT did not divert calls, sent an engineer without advising me then billed me for £213 for engineers visit. BT said it was caused by our faulty equipment but the sockets had no equipemnt in them. Complained via I livingstone and called to a Dolly day dream in custer compalints who said you have clearly agreed the charges but could not provide me with any evidence saying that I had. So pay up or we will send in the debt collectors!!

  19. I too have tried to take over a number at a new house with no success even after continually quoting the number to them. The seller has tried to cancel the line and we have had no luck. With 4 days to go before my move I will have no phone, broadband etc for 2 weeks at least despite all the notice I have given them.

  20. Does someone try phoning in a problem at BT to see how poor the BT phone service 'options' system is. It asks for your number on many occassions – and if you do get to talk to someone, they ask for your number again ? why? I have a miriad of numbers to call – all supposed 'customer support' none of which gets you through to a person in an amount of time that a real company would call proper'customer service'. I've wasted a working day trying to register a fault. This is a communications company we are talking about!

  21. It is now almost 3 weeks delay in getting my broadband connections. I have contacted BT 6 times each time promises made to be connected and each time broke their promiser. There is lack of communication and understanding of the problem, each phone call lasts about one hour, mainly listening to hold music. BT Wholesale blamed for problem and not customer centric. my customer experience to date is dreadful.

  22. As I believed the BT advertisements about being able to install equipment for broadband; BT Infinity Option 1, BT Vision Bronze Pack for TV and Unlimited weekend Plan for landline the day after receiving all equipment, I placed my order for these options plus add-ons in October and received a confirmation letter dated 27th October 2010 saying that some of equipment will be delivered on 10th November 2010 and the rest of it on 12th November. It also stated that the calling plan would start on 11th November and the broadband and the TV service would start on 12th November. I rearranged appointments I had on the 12th November to the following week so I would be home all day on the 12th November so the equipment could be installed by a broadband engineer who was supposed to arrive between 8AM and 1PM.
    A few days before the 12th November Ian from BT called me and asked why I had cancelled it all. I was shocked as I HAD NOT cancelled it. After several calls to BT I was told that the supplier had cancelled the order because they thought it was a duplicate. They didn't apologise for this error or for wrongly accusing me of cancelling. Nobody called back as promised about the connection delay. I had to keep phoning and spoke to several people. Eventually I spoke to Richard over a week ago, who told me he would get an engineer to call round on saturday 13th or if too busy; would call us on Monday 15th November. No-one called us although I stayed at home on those days. I called BT and the woman I spoke to told this to a manager and offline team. She told me they would call me within twenty four hours. If I didn't hear by 11.30am the next working day I could call a manager, Anthony Black. I had to do that and eventually I was told they would definately be installing everything on 13th December but he would try and get them to install it all last week ending today, Friday 19th November. No-one contacted us all week.
    To make matters worse I have received a bill from BT for Broadband, TV and Calls as from 12th November. My husband, Anthony called BT about this and was told to pay it and it will be credited to our accout the following month. How outrageous is that? How can BT expect us to pay for using equipment which they have not installed and have never notified us that they were not able to come as arranged? I never expected a so called "reliable" company like BT to treat customers so badly. To add insult to injury at the bottom of their first confirmation letter it states that if customers miss the appointment or change it without enough notice, they will have to pay a charge. Surely BT ought to compensate customers if they have been let down time and time again with missed appointments and no courtesy calls to inform them? All of these let downs and disappointments without prior warning by BT is disgraceful.

  23. Please, please can anyone help me. BT have absolutley screwed my new home move up and I am finding it almost impossible to work out how to complain/escalate.

    Basically – on 03 NOV I placed an order for a new line/broadband/BTVision with their new sales team as we were moving to a brand new house. Everything got confirmed – engineering slot confirmed for 26NOV 0800-1300. This was confirmed by phone, letter and text.

    Waited in on that day. Nothing. Called them – oh no – no one coming as ducting not ready (which is responsibility of our developer). This was not accurate – the ducting was/is ready.

    Have spoken to Open Order team, some team in Leicester called the 'I own team', raised a complaint online etc etc. And now they tell me they won't be running cable until 10 DEC and no engineering slot to connect me until 21 Dec.

    This is really hurting me as a I work from home.

    I don't get how they can take the order – confirm everything – and then suddenly it's 'oh – it won't be until 21 Dec'. And I am suspicious it won't happen then owing to current weather i.e. will build in delays.

    I am at a complete loss. You can't even phone half of their teams. Kind of ironic.

    Am so, so upset – they've had me in tears I am ashamed to say.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much…

  24. I can confirm my experience is identical to the one above.

    Promises of calls back, continually chasing them for answers, and every day the same story.

    Blow me today, they text me to say due to avderse weather all installations are delayed until afer 17th December.

    They just don't bloody care – business is tough enough without them making it harder.

    Full Documentation can accompany this experience.


  26. OMG!!!!!!!! I knew I had made a mistake going back. No information is ever the same. I have even been told that BT dont have a complaints dept. Incompetence utter rubish I have been waiting since April for a manager now in July. Fraudulently took money from my account even when I told them 2 weeks before the bill was due that it was wrong. Left me with no money in my bank could not even feed my children this weekend . DONT EVER GO WITH THIS SHODDY MONEY GRABBING DISASTAROUS SUPPOSED TO BE AWARD WINNING COMPANY !!!!!!!

  27. I can only say one thing about BT "BLOOMING TERRIBLE" and that was being very polite. I have read all the comments above, and seeing as i have been having the same things happening to me, it seems BT hasn't changed their ways since 2007, what hope have we, THE CUSTERMER???, in getting this so called award winning company to change their ways. Im not going to hold my breathe in a response to this totaly negetive comments to BT, but lets hope one day a bigger fish in the pond will see BT of what they realy are. RIP OFFS, thats my personal view anyway.

  28. im sick of talking to someone on the phone from bt, who can hardly pronounce my name of even talk proficient english, its very hard to understand them and they sound very rude. if i want to talk to someone from asia about my phoneline ill move there.

  29. Why as customers do we accept this third rate customer service being provided by BT today. I’ve been struggling to get my service restored since BT allowed it to be taken over by another provider even though they we contacted well in advance to cancel the takeover request. Since being made aware of this BT continue to pass responsible from department to department making false promises to resolve this issue and restore service. How can BT, be allowed to treat customers in this manner. It’s just a disgrace. The senior management team of BT have to be held responsible for the actions of this clown like support team.

    If only virgin media provided services in my area I would drop kick these fools. If BT do not show any loyalty or respect to its customers them why should we as customers be loyal to them.

  30. I commissioned BT and they were due to start 25th August. Despite so many calls to sort out my log ins all I get I someone hopeless incabable in I Diaz telling me it’s sorted. To this day nobody has sorted this and I can’t even a access my own account. What does one do.
    I just want to sue them . they tell me I will get compensation then dump me.its just horrific.

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