BT Customer Services Department Complaint

Dear BT Complaints, I’d like to share with you my compaint about BT customer services department and my complaint is as follows:

I paid £130 for line connection this was done with no test to the line as if it had it would have found a fault on the line. I had dial tone but broadband was .56 of a Mbit!

I telephoned on the 7th of feb and after going through all the scrips and checks I was told after approx a hour that there was a fault on the line and that the technical desk would ring me on the 8th of feb at five o’clock this never happened.

I rang them and waited 15 minutes to speak to someone when I did get through we started to through the same script and checks as the night before, I was told to take the front plate off which meant we would be cut off when this happened I was called back but each time I answered I was cut off at this stage I lost all hope in getting help.


1. If you could not get through to me on landline why not try mobile which he had.
2. Why was the line not checked when connected I did wait in house all day for this to happen.
3. I paid £130 for this connection which is not to the standard expected.

If you can not provide the service that is expected I will cancel all services with Bt and use an alternative provider who can provide the service required.

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  • ive now been disconected now ever since i had my phone service late last year i wanted to go on a monthly payment plan then end i recieved a monthly bill when i called them they said im on a monthly bill when i told the i should be on a monthly plan so payed bill and ask to go on monthly payment plan yet next month no payment plan monthly bill again this went on 4 months in the i told them i want to go on monthly they said i should pay the bill and they put me on monthly plan i refused to do it again so after month they disconected me now charging me faild contract charge i hate bt

  • bt india sh#t , had orange ,great, no problems, wait on phone for 35 mins then they answer and the reason you wait so long is that they are standing around talking in stead of answering the phone as when in I rang and they answered all I could hear in th back ground was them talking in indian , start moving to companies that are totally in GB, then they will get the message

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