BT Customer Services Complaint

This BT customer has been trying to contact customer services about problems with their broadband and phoneline and like so many complaints we have receive here at, resolutions are a slow and frustrating experience.

Dear BT Customer Services,

I am sending this BT complaint email in anticipation that it might eventually find its way into the inbox of someone remotely important who may be able to help deal with (and resolve) my outstanding issues.

I’ve given up trying to converse with people over the phone, locate the email address for the customer services department who might take responsibility for their actions or indeed the direct contact details of any particular team leaders who are willing to escalate and resolve my complaint within the hugely disjointed operation that was once so proudly called ‘British Telecom’. I’ve targeted various people with this email distribution in the hope that I may receive some form of recompense. My expectations of good customer service from your once great establishment have well since disappeared and are quite frankly a fruitless exercise now.

Since moving house and connecting my new telephone line and broadband service with yourselves in September of last year I have experienced nothing but problem after problem, been passed from call centre to call centre and spoken with an inordinate amount of hapless, ill-mannered useless people with the communication skills of a 2 year old. I am of course referring to the generation of failed university degree agency workers that populate your various call centres who obviously have nothing better to do than contribute to your once proud establishment by preaching failed promises to loyal customers like myself.

Sayings such as “I’ve noted that on your account Sir, I’ll get someone to call you back Sir, I’ll just transfer you to another department that perhaps deals with that Sir” must be well rehearsed by your new employees as “things to say to customers” during their induction training. Is everyone trained to hang up and cut people off, thereby forcing people like me to waste my life stuck in the over engineered and annoying call waiting systems selecting from a lottery of numbered options wondering if I’ll speak to someone human or be plunged into a black hole of silence again? Not one person has been able to successfully resolve any of my issues, deal with my query quickly or efficiently nor has anyone stopped to apologise in any way? How appallingly bad does your customer service have to become before someone is actually willing to assist? I’ve quite frankly lost all patience and my own good manners and have logged this matter with OFCOM and any other related bodies in an attempt to extract even the smallest ounce of customer service from your hopeless corporation.

To open my complaint I took ownership of the phone line and related billing in my old property during 2009 from my parents. Whilst BT attempted this somewhat simple task my bill ended up with both my own name and my fathers name printed at the top of every correspondence instead of the single name and address I had actually requested during the conversation with your ill mannered and abrupt call centre operative. Now please correct me if I’m wrong here, but I’ve been working in the I.T. industry as a technical systems engineer for over 13 years and I know this is not a difficult task where somebody simply needs to tap the backspace or delete key several times in order to replace one name with another? Perhaps your staff members are too busy emailing friends, checking text messages or updating face-book profiles to successfully concentrate on completing even the most basic task.

I moved house in September 2010 and at the time did not want the hassles of relocating an already worsening broadband service from another provider from my existing property so I decided it may be best to cancel the existing provision and sign up with a new combined telephone and broadband package from BT; probably the single worst decision I have made in recent years given the problems I have experienced with your company in the last 6 months.

As part of the conversation with one of your call handlers, I had specified all of the dates for my impending move whilst noting several times that I would not be taking up residence until 2nd September so any deliveries of equipment or planned visits from engineers would need to be organised on or after this date.

Imagine my amusement on moving day when I found a ‘missed post’ card through the letterbox of my new property and the shoddy piece of hardware so named the “Home Hub 2.0” inside the wheelie bin normally designated for general refuse. I can only fathom that BT has so many disparate I.T. systems functioning independently of each other in such a way whereby deliveries can’t be organised inline with customer requirements? Anyway, why was I bothered, I couldn’t use the equipment anyway. I was told there would be at least a 5 or 6 week delay before my broadband service would be connected by your incompetent sister operation, BT Open Reach.

After being given the date for the telephone line connection I waited at home all day expecting a friendly, well trained and smartly presented engineer to come knocking at my door, but of course nothing and I can’t say I was surprised.
The engineer was apparently necessary due to my house being a new property as there was no existing connection, or at least that is what your antiquated I.T. system was telling the person at the other end of the call who was attempting to deal with my new line request.

After 6pm on the day in question I gave up all hope waiting for your technician to arrive and out of curiosity connected my handset and picked up the receiver to the sound the dial tone humming down the line. No engineer ever visited my property. So, one wasted day of annual leave later and the charges associated with line connection conveniently debited by BT for not even lifting a finger. We charge money for nothing, is that in your customer charter? Will the person dealing with this email seek to gain the authorisation to reimburse me for the unnecessary day off work and the over inflated charge associated with a new line installation? I’m not going to be holding my breath.

Fast forward approximately 4 weeks and imagine the look of sheer disgust and shock across my face that after settling into my new property I received an outstanding red bill threatening court action for late payment of line rental between the periods of September & December 2010 at my old property. Of course bearing in mind I was no longer living at the address in question, why was I being billed for services I no longer needed. Perhaps just as well I wasn’t signed up for payments via direct debit otherwise your thieving accounts department would have probably committed the crime of debiting my account with any prior knowledge anyway.

Several phone calls to your overseas call centre later I was making no progress whatsoever. Due to those fantastic data protection laws that BT so tightly adheres to (I’ll get onto those in a moment), the first operator refused to speak to me as I wasn’t the account holder. Of course I forgot, my account is still listed in both mine and my fathers name and for some reason your staff seem unable to resolve this. At this point I had no option but to end the call, redial again and wait for an eternity in your dismal queuing system to then give all of the information posing as my father in order for the problems to be dealt with. After being transferred through the various circus big-top’s inside BT and eventually speaking to a team leader with some authority it was found the original person responsible for creating my account had “forgotten” (the exact words used) to cancel the billing at my old address and I was simply told to “ignore any future bills for my old property”. Brilliant, just ignore them, great advice indeed. I needn’t worry that your I.T. systems (and staff) are so inept that I might just receive further letters demanding payment or receive a visit from bailiffs breaking down my door at some point? Thanks BT, I’ll just go and stick my fingers in the nearest electrical socket but I’m not to worry if I get an electric shock or perhaps kill myself in the process?

Several weeks later I eventually received an email to my new BT broadband email address but obviously had to pick this up using my own mobile phone. That’s correct; you sent me an email to my new email address informing me of the date on which my broadband would be connected before my broadband was even connected so how exactly was I supposed to retrieve this email without using some other method of connection exactly? I’ll let you answer that one, maybe you should ask Paul Daniels.

Anyway, after connecting your marvellous Home Hub this was swiftly removed and replaced with a proper piece of ‘trustworthy’ hardware purchased from Why did I do this you might ask? BT Open Zone to be precise, yes that’s right, your hard coded Home Hub becomes a publicly available wireless hotspot for every man and his dog to hijack my already poor bandwidth with no options whatsoever for me to disable those features. If I’m not mistaken your TV advert states there are 2 million hotspots (and growing) around the UK? Indeed there might be, but does every customer realise it is their own Home Hub that is providing these services? Does this not break the very data protection laws themselves and leave every customer with a potential security loophole in their home broadband service?

So, working from home in the modern I.T. industry (something that BT obviously has no concept of) I consider the connection from my computer to the outside world invaluable in order to stay connected with work. It feels like we could almost be writing this as a story because happens next? Yes, correct, 10 points, my broadband is disconnected and restricted for non payment of my bill. After even more phone conversations with your appalling call centre drones my problems were eventually resolved, attributed to an “administrative error’” within the accounts department and my broadband sprung into life, no doubt as a result of your smooth running systems catching up with one another to cancel the outstanding demands for non payment of the line rental at my old property.

I’ve since received two further automated telephone messages at my new property stating that I’ve been late with payment of recent bills. Not true as they have all been paid on time!
I’ve had various emails stating that I’m close to or over my broadband limit but I was never made aware of any limit nor told that I had been signed up to your Option1 Calls & Broadband with 10GB monthly usage allowance for an 18 month period?
Any calls I’ve made recently trying to increase this have been met with a brick wall due to the fact I’m signed up to an 18 month contract and I’ve been told the only way out would be to “cancel my package and re-apply”, thus cancelling my telephone, broadband and BT laughing all the way to the bank with extra cancellation charges in the process.

I must admit BT really does do an excellent job of getting the customer’s right where they want them, extorting money through every possible avenue whilst providing the most inefficient and useless customer service I have ever encountered in my entire existence on planet earth.

In closing I have several requests I would like resolved in a timely manner,

1) I would like a formal apology from at least someone with an ounce of backbone or a member of staff in a senior position within the customer services department? Is this too much to ask?

2) I want my billing details, address details, and name corrected as I first requested back in September 2010 but has been beyond the comprehension of even the most intelligent people within BT.

3) I want a discount or some other form of compensation applied to my account for wasted annual leave and costs incurred with the line connection that was carried out without the attendance of an engineer.

4) Finally, I want my broadband package increased to unlimited monthly allowance at no extra cost as a good will gesture for the inconvenience of disconnection and overall poor customer service experience over the last 6 months.

I see these demands as being just and fair for all the trouble and upset I have suffered and look forward to your prompt reply.

A very unhappy customer, yours disgustingly.

Mr Andrew Martin

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  1. A direct debit was set up for £100 a month which was taken out as arranged..then goin online banking in late december i saw the direct debit was for £205 per month.I did not have them funds in my account because i was off the opinion it was already set up for DD of £100 a month..I did not even recieve letter untill after you attempted to take £205 out off my account. i contacted BT and disgusted my account and was arranged for a payment card to be sent out for further payments. this was agreed by ur supervisor but was appalled to discover my phone line had been cut off . I yet again phoned BT to explain this in which i was connected. we explained we have only recieved payment card and also will be making a large payment online by first week in febuary.This was yet again disgusted with bt supervisor. So why after us making effort to sort our account out and having it arranged and confirmed with BT have we YET AGAIN had our line disconected..Twice in the last 2 weeks we have had our line dissconected. Unless this is resolved and contact is made with your department then we will be changing our network.. I am appalled to make effort to disguss our account and have it confirmed and arranged but your department has still disconnected our service. I would like a reply as to why this has happened..

  2. BT installed a new line few days ago. the line is very noisy and the Broadband is frustratingly slow. I spoke to BT who admit that there a fault some where. Since then every time I call i here the same answer that I shall recive a call back with 24 hours. Is there any where I can raise a complaint?

  3. bt business billing phillipines call centre, michelle (advisor) was very rude to me i asked to speak to her manager so replied saying no managers are available so i said i would wait on the line untill there is a manager is available. michelle would not let me do this as she said she would send an email to the manager to call me back. the reason why i turned this down is beacause an email has been sent to the manager (jules) to call me back 5 times in 2months not once have they replied. i told michelle of this and she replied ' theres nothing i can do the managers are in meetings all day' this was followed by her disconnecting the call. BT customer service is not to a satifactory level what so ever as i still have got nowhere with my dispute because of uncapiable employees of bt like this!

  4. BT seem to assume that their customer's time is of no value and that they can consume it at will at zero cost to themselves.The way I suggest you deal with BT is to submit a bill for your time that they have wasted (cost out your daily rate from you salary, or current contract if you are self employed).When they refuse to pay – which they will – make a claim on them for this amount through your local small claims court. They will write back rejecting your claim but do not lose your nerve. Be prepared to meet them in court. In my experience (twice) they bottle out at the last minute because that cannot afford to send an expensive lawyer who probably has bigger fish to fry anyway. Both of my claims on BT have been settled to my satisfaction using this process.

  5. yes im grumping bt said they would change my billing back to quarterly as missed one bill in ten years now thay sent another bill i ordererd a card to help pay a bit here and there if we all could pay monthly we would it also seems to be a lot more than the quarter even with the rises im changing my company.

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