BT Customer Services Complaint Saga

This BT customer services complaint begs belief outlining the often awful service beings received by BT customers across the country!

Dear Sir

The story starts back in March 2009 when my father passed away after a short illness. BT were informed of his death and the BT bill was transferred into their mothers name.

The next due date for a bill was April, but come the middle of the month no bill had been received. My Mother contacted BT asking for a bill to be sent, and by the middle of May, still nothing had arrived.

I personally made two calls to BT during the month of June asking for a bill to be sent because I was concerned about the possibility of my Mother’s phone service being interrupted and was assured that a bill was on its way.

Anyway, on July 21st a bill arrived, dated April 2009 and was promptly paid.

By this time we were about due for July’s bill as well, so when a letter from BT arrived the following morning we expected it to be a bill, but no, it was a letter threatening disconnection for non payment.

Incensed by this I rang BT, and after around 20 minutes on hold i managed to get hold of a Supervisor and began the process of explaining the whole story all over again.

I also emailed BT a letter of complaint about the way we were being treated, after 60 years of marriage to my Dad, this kind of hassle was the last thing my Mother needed to cope with.

We received a courtesy call that same day from BT apologizing for what had happened and an assurance that such matters would not occur again.

Next morning, i attempted to call my Mother and lo and behold, the phone had been disconnected.

I rang BT fault line and was told the phone had been cut off due to non payment of an outstanding bill from April 2009.

So, i explained the situation all over again to this lady, who clearly was working in an offshore call centre, and seemed to struggle with what i was telling her, but after 15 mins or so of detailed explanation she seemed to grasp the details of my problem, and said the line would be reconnected within 24 hours.

The phone was reconnected within a few hours.

The next morning, my Mom received another letter from BT demanding payment for April’s bill, and July’s bill, once again threatening disconnection if the outstanding amount was not paid immediately.

We had not even received July’s bill at this point….

So, i rang BT again and asked them to send July’s bill, which they said they would generate a bill and send it immediately.

Next morning i rang my Mom to see if any post had arrived from BT, and yes, you guessed it, the line was disconnected again.

So i called them again and was informed that the account had been CLOSED in error by BT, and they would reinstate the service as soon as possible.

24 hours later i had a phone call from a number i didnt recognise, when i answered it i was surprised to hear my Mothers voice on the other end ”The phone is back on now Chris”

”Thats not your number” i told her..

BT had given her a new number, despite the fact that my parents have had their phone number for FORTY years.

So, i rang them again and was told that it would take 5 days for BT to reinstate my Moms old number, and was guaranteed that it would be active by August 5th (today).

Imagine my surprise this morning when i received another call from a new and totally different number, it was my Mother again, the incompetent idiots had given her another new number.

I gritted my teeth and calmly rang them again earlier, and was told that ”No order for the old number had been received” and that ”the earliest we can give your mother her number back was August 10th”

So, i asked to speak to a supervisor again, and managed to get the waiting time reduced to 24 hours, but i wont hold my breath….

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  • BT is illegally harassing people in england. If you have a line fault and tell them, they suggest it's your fault as though you were stupid, and thats after ringing a huge long number only to get automative directions that take for ever! They run you ragged and still nothing is done! then they suggest an enginner and first a voice contract to say you'll pay £127 if theres no fault – you knowing full well the faults intimittent like their brains. Maybe we should all reomove their poles and go mobile. P burne

  • I have recently dealt with BT over my intention to change provider. They have sent me a threatening letter if I do not pay a cancellation fee. Any contract I had with them expired years ago.I intend to fight the matter. I am fed up with the lack of ability to talk to a person whose accent enables me to understand what they are saying. Also I took over 50 minutes on the phone trying to resolve a problem recently, and even then I did not succeed. My problem was dealt with elsewhere, and resolved immediately.

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