BT Customer Services are a disgrace!

Dear BT Complaints, where do I begin? Every time I move house I get problems after problems about something that should be routine for BT Customer Services to sort.

Thankfully I detailed every conversation between BT and myself…some dates may be one or two days out. By the end I hope something is resolved to my satisfaction, in quick manner so I can start paying for the correct services.Well here goes………

Around 14thmarch I called BT to advise then that I was moving house and wanted my broadband and phone line service stopping as from the 19th march but still wanted to access my e-mail account. As I wanted to continue with BT I gave them my new address and the date I was moving in. On the same day I received an e-mail confirming new install address (which I will keep).

One letter sent by BT to my new address dated 14th march advising me that the plan was to get me up and running by midnight 02/04/2012 but this might change after a few more checks.

Two more letters sent by BT to my new address dated 15th march advising me that the plan was to get me up and running by midnight 02/04/2012 but this might change after a few more checks.

On 16th march I received an e-mail from BT with details of my move of address involving the telephone numbers required.

Some point between 20/03/2012 and 02/04/2012 a new hub arrived at my address which I found a little strange as I already had a business hub. I signed for it and kept it boxed.

02/04/2012 the planned date of an engineer. A new line from the house to the outside pole was installed along with a open reach box inside, filters, the connection of the delivered hub and a new phone number is all up and running.

A bill dated 04/04/2012 arrived through my door for £165.19 (rental charges of £52.66, one off charges of £85.00 and vat of £27.53)

The one off charges of £79.00 for new hub and £6.00 for delivery of said hub.
After receiving this bill I called BT to question the charges for the hub and was given two options, either pay for the hub or a jiffy bag will be sent for me to return it. I opted to return it as I already had a BT business hub.

Shortly after the conversation I received a customer satisfaction survey on my mobile number, which required me to rate my experience of satisfaction that I had just received, I filled each question and sent them back by text.

On the same day as the survey or the day after I had a call on my mobile from BT who wanted some feed back the answers I gave in the survey. I told them the story regarding the hub and told her that at no point did I ask for the hub or I was advised a hub was being sent to me or I was going to be charged for a new hub or for its delivery. They told me that I should never been given the option of sending the hub back and for the mix up they would arrange a credit of £100.00 to my account and a revised bill would be sent. BT customer service representative also gave me their direct number and asked me to call them if I had any more problems.

Wow thing every thing is sorted…..How wrong I was…..

Bill dated 20/04/2012 came with the £100.00 credit applied. But a balance brought forward of £116.71 on it. I couldn’t understand this charge as my last bill dated 02/01/2012 was paid. I called BT to question this charge and after around an hour on the phone I got nowhere.

The same day or the day after I called again as I wanted to know what this charge was for, it was found that it was for bill dated 03/04/2012 after trying to make the BT customer services advisor that I hadn’t received that bill it came to light that it was sent to my old address. I questioned why as I had moved address and had conformation of move of address and the fact that I had my new line installed on the 02/04/2012 (the day before the bill date).

The next thing that I questioned was the recurring charges figures never been consistent from the bill dated 02/02/2012 to the bill dated 29/04/2012. I was given no explanation.

Again after another phone call to try and get to the bottom of this I finally spoke to someone English other than the rep I spoke to previously. It was found that in the charge of £116.71 I was paying for two broadband accounts (my new one and the one I asked to be stopped on 19/03/2012). He advised me to call the cancellations department on 0800800152 option 4, letting the advisor know that I wanted the broadband cancelling from 19/03/2012. I did this and got a reference number. The gentleman who told me I was paying for two broadband accounts told me he would look out to make sure of the cancellation and send a revised bill.

30th April I received a phone call from BT telling me that I had an overdue account and I was going to be cut off. (AT THIS STAGE I AM GETTING VERY P**SED OFF). During my shouting and screaming at her down the phone I told her the whole story and how frustrated with BT I was and I was waiting for a revised bill. After over half an hour the BT customer services rep told me she would find out who I had spoken to from the first call back in march and would get back to me.

Also 30th April I received an e-mail confirming my old broadband on line number would be stopped on 07/05/2012

P.S I hope when I finally get a bill I won’t be charged up to 07/05/2012 as I asked for it stopping on 19/03/2012.

Monday 7th May, can’t access my e-mails (blood boiling now). I put 2 and 2 together and realised that as the last e-mail confirming the cancellation of my old broadband on 07/05/2012 that his affected my e-mail access. Called BT yet again, I explained the situation and within 2 seconds me e-mail was back working (yet another English sounding person). During the conversation with the gentleman who took this call I mentioned the cock up with the hub sent to me and I mentioned the previous BT advisor I had talked with, the advisor claimed her knew her, I asked him if he could get in touch with her and ask her to phone me on the number she had done previously. The told me she wasn’t working (May bank holiday) but he would e-mail her my contact details and ask for her to contact me. The advisor suggested it could be as soon as Tuesday 8th May.

Tuesday 8th May. Whilst looking on the internet a message came that my account was suspended, the screen prompted me to close the browser and re-open, I did this and got a message stating overdue account and a box in the right hand corner with the words continue browsing, which I clicked on. Once again I called BT and spoke to another foreign person who claimed to be called “Sarah” (my arse). Once again I had to go through the whole story and yet again I was told she would find out some more details and get back to me.

I am still waiting……………………………………………………

I will not be very happy if I get cut off till this matter is resolved, I am not trying to avoid paying my bill, I just want to pay for services I asked for and not ones that I asked to be cancelled sometime ago.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I have been waiting since January 2012 for a BT landline (where I stupidly paid 12 months line rental and broadband up front!) and alas it is now the third week in May and I still have no phone line or broad band! I have been told more than 10 times that an engineer will be out and they have not turned up to do the job! This week alone I was told Monday, then Tuesday, now I have spent all day today waiting in, only now to be told that it will either be Thursday or Friday!! After the countless let downs from BT I can't see me getting connected this week either! BT are not capable of organising a p*ss up in a brewery! My husband is out in Iraq until the end of July and my main means of communication is through Skype, as I have no mobile phone reception where I live. To say I am not happy is putting it mildy! …..If BT say 'It's good to talk', then why am I still awaiting a BT connection 5 months after paying for it?!!! All it is left for me to say is …BT – 'probably' the worst company in the world!!!

  2. This is reading oh so true of my own case, notified them of move on 22nd March, all set up for install on 10th May. Advised to keep paying for the service which I have done and someone at BT in their wisdom decided to cancel the order. Never get a call back. Some overseas call centre operative placed a new order tying me into 18 months which I don't want, idiots at the customer service centre don't respond, Warren Buckley writes letters he doesn't understand. British Telecom are hopeless.

  3. Reading all the above comments confirms to me that BT are infact ripping their customers off and deliver extremely poor customer services.Since November 2011 we have been in constant battle with BT as they claim that our broadband usage is exceeding the allowance.Back in February we received a ridiculous bill for over usage in December, we knew for a fact that we had not used the amount stated. My husband contacted BT was on the phone for over half an hour and spoke to several different departments. The outcome was to our satisfaction as they agreed to reduce the bill accordingly, one person admitted that we would have had to have been downloading off the internet for many hours to exceed the amount we had. You can imagine our surprise when last weeks bill arrived with no refund shown, again my husband contacted BT and conveniently for them there was no record of the outcome of the conversation and unfortunately the conversation had not been recorded! An e mail from customer services informed us in not so many words that it was tough luck as their police is not to make refunds. As you can imagine this has left us absolutely furious and be assured BT as soon as our contract expires we will be dropping you like a hot potato! But I am confident you will not be concerned as by then you will have reamed in many more vulnerable customers and will have started the process of overcharging with them!! OFCOM WHY ARE YOU NOT MONITORING BT!!!!!

  4. thats the latest in a long line of complaints which gets me no where they are allowed to burgle my money after they broke a contract its digraful

  5. i spoke to someone yesterday who tried to tell me that bt offered me service therefor i cud not claim my upfront saver bak after u cud not supply me with wat i was contracted i informed the lady that bein offered to wait two months for service i wanted was sufficient enough and that i was told by a sarah sumner blackburn department that ofcourse i was entitled to cancel as bt cud not supply me ..the lady i spoke to yesterday informed me she was goin to listen to this recording then get bak top me within 24 hrs as this is protocaol it is now over 24 hrs and still no is also 2 months since u cud not supply me service and am still waitin for my refund i have rang six or seven times now it is diabloical am takin this matter further now am goin throught county court and will also be claimihn for stress u have aggrivated my mental illnesses your company multi billionairre bt is tryin to thief my money i paid in good faith and its vbeen two month its takin libertys severe bad customer services robbin people with families insted of admittin that u broke the contract by not supplyin me within a reasonable time who orders something then waits 2 months i was informed in my first phonecall i had evry right to terminate the contract as bt wernt keepin there end and supplyin me service and that no costs would be incurred and my money returned i reitterat sarah sumner blackburn department listen to your tapes and get the transcripts ready for leicester county court action u have had two months and have left weeks in between all my correspondance givin u satisfactoiory time to sort this matter out which u hasve still not done

  6. bt are wankers have moved adress they cunt supply me as they neeeded to do underground diggin was advised i cud cancel without incurrin charges as its them who have broke the contract yet they still not refunded me the 12 month i paid upfront and its been 2 month its diabolical i fu owed them a penny youd have a ccj after a week

  7. Unbelievable poor service from BT. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get anyone from this company to actually take responsibility for the issues we are have with the service they are supplying.
    All started over 2yrs ago 2010, we were moved to a new server at our local BT exchange without notice. We lost the phone line & internet connection for weeks, only able to contact BT help line (india) via my mobile phone £££ cost a fortune. When you eventually get through you get some idiot telling you to take the front of the main phone socket & plug the phone in. Broad Band Engineer finally sent out to sort problem out & surprise surprise they actually send a phone engineer who knows nothing about broad band. Fair play he moves our IP address at the exchange and everything seems OK. Oh by the way BT continued to charge us for a service they were not supplying  what a joke!!!
    Within week’s white noise on the phone, you can also hear the internet dial up connection when the computer is switched on in the phone ear piece, broad band keeps dropping out and internet speed drops from 13Mbs down to 0.21Mbs permanently.
    Contact BT and the nightmare begins all over again. Waiting on the phone for ages until you get through BTs automated service to speak to someone you can’t understand. They cut off, or transfer you to completely the wrong department. Engineer eventually sent out and the problem goes away for a few weeks.
    This cycle of events has continued up until today 18/06/12 when just as I thought BT couldn’t do anything more to surprise me, when to my horror after taking time off work to be in for another engineer to come out and again sort noise & slow internet speed out they failed to turn up. Open Reach contact me to say the engineer will not be coming because they have been very busy, explaining I should contact my phone provider to arrange another appointment. I thought Open Reach was BT but apparently not?? According to the idiot I spoke to.
    To say I’m pissed off would be an understatement I just want a phone that doesn’t scream in your hear when you use it and internet that doesn’t keep dropping out.
    Engineer booked for Friday let’s wait and see miracles can happen???????

  8. i moved to 02 from bt and for the first 3 months bt called me and aske me if i wanted to come back i said no and stop calling me bt was calling about 5 times a day up to when i went to work at 4pm was sick of this and told them they was cold calling now they have stoped calling and about 7 times a day i get some one trying to sell me something think bt passed my details on im so mad bt is awfull and i would never go back to them after all the phone calls and it looks like i will have to change my number after 14 years 🙁

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