BT Customer Services – Accent problems and difficult to understand

Here is a complaint regarding BT customer services and finding difficulty in understanding them.

Dear Sir

This morning I had cause to ring BT Customer Services. My reason for ringing was that some weeks ago my neighbour had an e-mail address for Sutton in the Elms Neighbourhoodwatch. This was set up so that two or three of us could access this. Unfortunately when I give my e-mail address to whoever requires it the return e-mails come with the To:-SUTTON IN THE ELMS NEIGHBOURHOODWATCH. My neighbour has since closed this account because of this problem but they still arrive to me as described above.

When I finally got through to Customer Services after waiting in a queue the person I was speaking to had an extremely strong accent, not an English or Scottish accent but maybe Asian or South African. I have had a hearing defect since the age of five; I am now 65 and wear a hearing aid, even so I have a difficult time with accents especially strong ones. After 10 minutes of trying to help me I had to cut the call short as I was getting particularly frustrated as I just could not understand what the lady was saying. Why do large companies employ people with strong accents when they have to deal with the general public and especially with people who have hearing problems; I even know people who have trouble with accents and they do not have hearing problems.

I think it would be a good idea to employ people with a clear English accent to deal with people such as me with hearing disabilities and there are many of us in the UK and I know this as fact after working for 16 years as secretary to 2 consultants in the Department on Ears, Nose & Throat at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

So after approximately 15 minutes on the phone my problem wasn’t solved and I am reluctant to call again as I really don’t want to go down the same route with another person with a strong accent.

I would welcome your advice please.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Penny Savage

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